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Banyan Botanicals Vata Massage Oil, Organic 12 oz

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Relaxing. Warming. Grounding.

• Warming herbs that nourish and ground vata
• Supports vitality and vigor
• Lubricates and supports a vata system
• Promotes calmness and strength

This rejuvenating Ayurvedic oil is a synergistic blend of nine herbs, including ashwagandha, bala, and passionflower. The certified organic herbs nourish and ground vata, supporting vitality and vigor. Vata Massage Oil is made from a base of organic sesame and olive oils. These oils warm and lubricate the delicate vata system. Ayurveda highly recommends a daily self-massage to restore calm and provide strength.

Vata dosha is composed of the elements air and space. Any motion in the body requires vata: swallowing, breathing, nerve impulses, muscle movements, thinking, bowel movements, urination, and menstruation. Vata benefits particularly from grounding and nourishing support, provided both by the oil itself and the warming herbs. Vata also benefits from regularity, especially a daily self massage with warm oil. The gentle pressure and firmness of massage grounds vata and brings stability.

Vata Massage Oil is great to stock up on, especially in the fall and early winter, when vata is at its highest. If you're thinking of ordering a larger size, consider adding an oil pump to your bottle for a spill-free experience. Pumps are available for 34 and 128 fl oz bottles.

Ingredients: Sesame oil*, Olive oil*, Ashwagandha*, Bala*, Shatavari*, Passionflower*, Bhringaraj*, Licorice*, Lemon Verbena*, Tulsi*, Valerian*.

*Certified Organic

For external use only.

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
My fav

Recommended by my doctor for stomach issues and all over moisture. Earthy scent

jillian watkins
Strong smell

I didnt notice the warming. But the smell of sesame is VERY strong. I had to mix in a nicer smell to tolerate it

Not why I had hoped

This oil arrived rancid and was not useable

My spa time.

Good quality. I do not like the smell , ( they have unscented) but I have an in depth understanding through yoga training that this is what the herbs - that I need - smell like. I am almost 100% Vata ( my dosha is primarily Vata with some pitta ) this oil is perfect. When I sauna or have time I cover myself from scalp to toes for an hour or much more. I ALWAYS wash this out though. I leave the unscented on. Im so dry ( Vata ) it just soaks in. Im 53 and I feel like it gives my hair and skin a healthy glow

Gretchen W. Harnick

Helping me immensely get through vata season. I use in the morning after a shower to set me up for a calm day. They also recommend at nighttime but I find I prefer the morning as a base to my energetic setting