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Hyalogic Synthovial Seven 1 oz

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Supercharge joint, skin and eye health support with Award-Winning Synthovial SEVEN®. Synthovial SEVEN® is an oral Hyaluronic Acid dietary supplement that supplements the natural HA in your body.*

Liquid Synthovial SEVEN® is easy to take and supports the HA in your body to help:

• Lubricate joints and cartilage*

• Hydrate your skin*

• Facilitate eye health*

Feel the ultra-hydration of Synthovial SEVEN® today!

Serving Size:1 ml
Servings Per Container:30

Amount Per Serving
Hyaluronic AcidAmount Per Serving:3 mg
Other Ingredients:
Normal Saline


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Directions: For oral use only. Add 1 m (full dropper) to glass of water or directly into mouth once a day.
Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. Store at room temperature. Do not use if seal is broken. Patented Oral Hyaluronic Acid for joint health.

Customer Reviews

Based on 328 reviews
Replaced fish oils for this to treat severe dry eye

I have a eye disease called Keratoconus. Mine has reached the advanced phases so I have symptoms that affect my ability to drive and there is much discomfort that I experience daily. One of the biggest problems is how dry my eyes are. They are so dry two different Ophthalmologists have told me that they were unable to give me a accurate diagnosis on my vision due to the fact that the dryness made the diagnosis impossible and I was prescribed a combination of Restastsis, I was also told to take a high quality, high potency omega fish oil supplement every 4 hours daily to continually aid lubrication for my eyes. The fish oil supplements were extremely expensive and I would go though them in a week due to the fact I had to take more than double the recommended dose.they also had to be taken consistently throughout the day to remain working and they thinned out my blood so much that I began to bruise really easily. Thus, I went on a quest to find a product that I could replace the fish oil supplements with and that offered a better experience for my severely dry eyes. I initially decided to try out hyaluronic acid supplements as they were a major ingredient in many supplements for eye health and therefore seemed a logical choice to experiment with for my dry eyes. Many supplements take time to work. Usually its at least three weeks and can take as long as six months in others. I wanted something that would offer me immediate and noticeable relief. That could be taken without food, caused no stomach upset, had no odor or flavor, could be taken orally or added to beverages and most importantly was not going to cause health problems like the fish oil supplements do. After trying capsules and realizing that it took about a month-3 months of consistent usage to feel and notice a change was a game changer for me. I wanted it to be easier to introduce these supplements into my daily routine and I wanted to really FEEL an improvement in my eyes comfort. I decided to try this product and I liked 1. It has no odor and it tastes mildly like tears. In fact the consistency and taste is so similar to natural tears it was almost identical to how my own tears taste. 2. It can be added to food and liquids and requires no mixing or stirring to meld into them so you dont have the problem of it possibly becoming ineffective due to incompletely introduction of supplement into foods. 2. Has no aftertaste, wont cause you to burp up unpleasant odors as fish supplements tend to do. 3. Has a pre-measured liquid dropper included that easily allows you to get the accurate dosage each time. 4. Doesnt have colors and wont stain clothing. Also, the design of the bottle and dropper make possible spills almost impossible and I have a MAJOR PROBLEM WITH SPILLING THINGS so knowing I can take this without the worry of possible stains or wasted product is a huge benefit to this product. 5. It offered me NOTICEABLE dry eye relief after four days of consistent use. It also made my eyes have less fatigue when being exposed to blue lighting from my computer. I had less blurriness from eye fatigue when using this supplement and thus I could be on my computer for longer amounts of time without have the REACTION of eye strain stop me from completing tasks. 7.

Great for the eyes.

I began taking many years ago because of my blood sugar. I originally read up on the product and some of its benefits. It appeared to act as a blood thinner and a joint lubricant and I wanted to protect my eye blood vessels from bursting and also for my joint or joint pain. It has kept my eyes in real good shape and my vision (prescription glasses ) from 25 years ago has improved over the years by taking this product. I tried to get one of my friends who is a diabetic to try it over the years; but, he did not want to try it and his vision has deteriorated because of his diabetes and the bursting of the tiny blood vessels in his eyes.

William L
Cured my hip pain

I have been using this product for hip pain. On the advice from a friend I started taking it 7 years ago and the chronic pain has been gone since.

Darci E
Helps arthritis pain

I was worried this might taste bad but its okay just has a mild salty taste. I cannot tell a bit difference as far as pain relief for my myself but the canine version of this product, called HyaFlex helped my elderly dog a great deal. When I would run out he could barely move but once it came in, within 48 hours he was moving well again. His problem was arthritis and I have used it with other older dogs with similar results so if you have arthritis this is definitely worth a try!! My main problem is nerve pain and it doesnt seem helpful for that.

Amazon Customer
Helps joints

Been using this for over a year and I can feel the difference when I forget to take it for a couple of days.