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Medical Supplies Sharps Collector

SKU BEC 305487
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Clear top provides visualization of collector fill-levels. Increasing fill-level identification helps prevent collector over-fill, a leading cause of disposal injuries.

Forcing or overfilling sharps into collector may cause serious injury

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Great Supplement for Liver Health

This is a great supplement to increase liver health. I love that the proprietary blend contains alfalfa, celery seed, and ginger. I would recommend this product.

Frances Au
Great product

Great product

Amazon Customer
Didn't do much for me

It smells good, like roses but I didn't notice a difference after using this daily for 3 months. It's exprnsive but 1 drop is enough for under each eye.

Kenneth K.
Great formula

It's so gentle. Not at all like a retinOl. I use it in combination with a peptide serum with copper tripeptide, and they layer very nicely. At night I cleanse, then tone (thayer's alcohol free), peptide serum, then this retinAl cream & finish with a silicon moisturizer to lock it all in. I've had zero negative side effects & my skin looks great.

M. Pierce
Did not work for my dog -- nighttime accidents

My dog started out on these fine. She ate them with a meal, covered in some all natural peanut butter. If she licked the peanut butter off, she even carried it to her crate to continue to try to eat it like a treat. But after the first two dosages, she started having diarrhea in her crate over night. Her worst day, I had to wash out her bedding and crate (again), then she vomited bile, so I did not feed her breakfast to give her belly some time to settle. This day, I help back on her fish oil. No accidents that night. The next day, back on to one capsule, and diarrhea in her crate again. I may look for other options, but I know this one is not it. And unfortunately, I set this up as a subscribe and save, and I have a second bottle being delivered today by accident.