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Seirin Needles Seirin Pyonex Singles 0.15x0.6mm 100ndls

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Seirin Acupuncture Needle


No. 1 (0.20) x .6 mm
Without Tube
100 Pieces Per Box
How to Open: Each pre-sterilized blister packed needle is easily opened by peeling apart the two separating halves.
Warning: Read instructions on the 1000 needle box before use.
1. Single use only.
2. Do not store at extreme temperatures and humidity.
3. Do not use if package is previously opened or damaged.
4. Depth of insertion should be less than 2/3 of the needle shaft.
5. If needles are difficult to remove, first try to massage and relax the muscle. Try to remove the needles slowly and upright. Do not twist, bend or force, as this may cause the needle to break.
Caution: Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of qualified practitioners of acupuncture as determined by the states.

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