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Hylands Rhus Tox. 30X 250 tabs

by Hylands
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Homeopathic.Temporarily relieves minor arthritis pain or backache.*

Formula: Rhus Tox. 30X, in a base of Lactose N.F.
Adults: Dissolve 4 tablets under tongue 4 times a day. Children: 2 tablets as above.
Warnings: Do not use if cap is broken. If you are pregnant or nursing, consult a licensed health care professional before using this product. If symptoms persist for 7 days or worsen, contact a licensed practitioner. To be used according to label indications and/or standard homeopathic indications.
Keep this and all medications out of the reach of children.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Amazon Customer
Caused depression and swelling

Who knows - seemed to have paradoxical reaction. No nasal ragweed symptoms like they warn, did not bother my stomach at all, but devastating depression and I could not get my rings off. Stopped immediately when I stopped taking it. Might be great for some people but awful for me. I still love rutin twice a day the best.

Kyle Boman
Ordered a 4 pack and only got 1 bottle

Ordereda 4 pack for poison oak cause they are the best for poison oak. Only recieved 1 bottle

Quick shipping

Ordered for one of my parents. We normally purchase this item locally but unfortunately the business has been closed (hopefully only temporarily). The item arrived quickly and as described and was reasonably priced.

Great product

Heartburn associated with chronic diarrhea. Used in conjunction with HCL and Vit B complex. GERD nearly gone.

Great for edema problems (leg swelling)

I started ordering horsechestnut sometime in the fall of 2011. I was using a different brand until trying this one. I think they're both good brands but I like this one better. If you have problems with edema in your legs due to vein problems like spider veins or varicose veins then give this a try. As long as I take this twice a day, my legs feel so much better. Also try some hydrotherapy and avoid a shower head with forceful water pressure. Use a shower head that let's the water run out gently on your skin. I found that the forceful water pressure on my shower head was adding to my leg aches and circulation issues; it made them worse. When your done showering, let a little cool water or cold water run down your body or just your legs for a few minutes (not too long), or take a cool bath, OR a warm bath with epsom salt. Aloe vera gel is good for soothing leg aches due to painful varicose veins as well. You should give that a try in combination with horsechestnut and definitely research about hydrotherapy; it really does help. And good luck. I hope I've helped someone out there.