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Rare Body Oil Pulling Cinnamon 7.5 oz

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Oil pulling for oral hygiene

User Friendly. No need to melt or mix

Swish de Coco™ Coconut Oil Pulling is a perfect blend of oils to promote a healthier mouth.

Oil pulling is a growing trend, but it's not new. Swish de Coco™ ingredients are 100% preservative free! No bad stuff!

Swish de Coco™ was formulated by the granddaughters of Jacques and Yvette Delangre, the founders of the Celtic Sea Salt® brand, and is an ancient Ayurveda practice known as Oil Pulling, the "swishing" around of oil in a person's mouth known for reducing plaques, removing bad bacteria, freshening breath, creating whiter teeth and healthier gums.
Ingredients: Coconut oil and Proprietary oil blend
For whiter teeth, healthier gums and fresher breath, Swish de Coco™ in these 3 simple steps 1-3 times per day:
Step 1: Put a spoonful of Swish de Coco™ in your mouth.
Step 2: Swish it for 5-20 minutes.
Step 3: Spit out in a trash can, rinse with warm water and feel coco-mint fresh!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
E Waters

I don't love this, but I gave it 3 stars because I'm hoping it works. The consistency is odd, its actually a gel that is lumpy feeling and it really has no taste. It doesn't taste like coconut oil or peppermint oil, it's just bland as could be. I'm going to use the bottle because I paid for it but I won't be purchasing this again

Hometown Girl
Not bad, not a strong mint flavor

Taste ok, not much of a mint flavor. It seems to do what is says will do, cleanse your mouth

nahla yaqoob almuhairi