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Banyan Botanicals Kapha Massage Oil 4 fl oz

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Invigorating. Warming. Revitalizing.

• Invigorating herbs that warm and revitalize kapha
• Stimulates the body and sharpens the mind
• Promotes energy and vitality
• Renews the spirit and instills lightness of being

Formulated in a base of organic sesame and sunflower oils, this invigorating Ayurvedic oil blend contains nine organic herbs including punarnava, chitrak, calamus, and rosemary. This energizing blend of herbs is activating and mobilizing, vital for balancing kapha. Vigorous massage with warm herbalized oil reduces kapha by promoting mild sweating, stimulating circulation and cleansing the system. Experience the revitalizing and renewing benefits of Kapha Massage Oil during your daily routine.

Kapha dosha is composed of the elements earth and water. Its main function is stability and structure in the body. Kapha forms the substance of the human body, from the skeleton and organs to the fatty molecules (lipids) that are vital for existence. A stimulating and invigorating massage with this herbalized oil can balance kapha, keeping things moving and bringing energy to the individual.

Kapha Massage Oil is great to stock up on, especially during late winter and spring, when kapha is at its highest. Consider adding an oil pump to your bottle for a spill-free experience. Pumps are available for 34 and 128 fl oz bottles.

Ingredients: Sesame Oil*, Sunflower Oil*, Punarnava*, Chitrak*, Calamus*, Bhumyamalaki*, Manjista*, Neem*, Tulsi*, Rosemary*, Eucalyptus*.
Directions: Warm oil if desired. Apply to the full body, massaging until the oil is mostly absorbed. Generally, 2 ounces is sufficient for a full body massage, though you may choose to use more or less.
*Certified Organic
For external use only

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
VA Flower Farmer
Smell was not for me

I did not care for the texture nor scent, so gave this to my ayurveda friend who immediately said she liked it and would use it.

Harry H
Better flavor than others, convenient + electrolytes

I gab a few and go hiking, biking, or motorcycle riding.

Ally C.
Worked amazingly

Took away my migraine within about 20 mins.

Amazon Customer
Great for spring

I found this to be the perfect oil for spring and I think it helped keep my doshas in balance.

Barbie Dubois
Great massage oil this

I give my kapha-dominant husband massages with this oil and he loves it. It would be nice if he gave me massages in return, but no. This oil has a nice fragrance and gently warms the skin. Wish my husband would give me a massage with it.