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Banyan Botanicals Joint Balm (Organic) 4 oz

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With Boswellia & Guggulu

• Formulated with traditional Ayurvedic herbs that target the joints
• Warming and comforting joint rub
• Penetrates and soothes the tissues

Joint Balm is a soothing rub made from all natural, organic ingredients. Massaging sore joints increases circulation and facilitates the removal of toxins, while simultaneously delivering oxygen and healing nutrients. Regular use of Joint Balm delivers a powerful blend of joint-supporting herbs directly to the area of discomfort. Boswellia and guggulu work with naturally warming and cleansing herbs like ashwagandha and guduchi to whisk away natural toxins. The sesame and castor oil base helps lubricate the joints and allows the soothing properties of the herbs to be absorbed. This penetrating topical ointment carries comforting herbs deep into the areas that need it. Keep Joint Balm at your desk, in the car, or in your yoga bag to make sure it is always within reach when you need that extra comfort.

Amount Per Serving
Sesame Oil*Amount Per Serving:
Castor Oil*Amount Per Serving:
Beeswax*Amount Per Serving:
Boswellia*Amount Per Serving:
Guggulu*Amount Per Serving:
Guduchi*Amount Per Serving:
Ashwagandha*Amount Per Serving:
Amalaki*Amount Per Serving:
Bibhitaki*Amount Per Serving:
Haritaki*Amount Per Serving:
Gokshura*Amount Per Serving:
Ginger*Amount Per Serving:
essential oils of DeodaraAmount Per Serving:
Eucalyptus*Amount Per Serving:

Directions: Apply to joints and massage gently. Repeat 3-4 times daily or as needed

*Certified Organic

For external use only. Keep out of each of children

Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Provides relief from soreness in my knees.

I like it very much. Provides relief from soreness in my knees

Great aroma, soothing balm

The best part of this product is the most pleasing smell of the combination of natural ingredients, and it has a mild soothing effect for joint pain and skin irritations. But, don't expect any major relief for pain. It's more an aromatic soothing experience that softens the skin and relaxes the muscles gently. I love the smell most of all, and the plant oils and extracts that nurish the skin. But, I'd say other products are better for pain relief

Simon Laura
Very smooth

Good for the skin

Donna Griswold
Best sauce ever

This is my second jar. Best stuff for all my aches and pains

Amazon Customer
Relieves pain.

Goes on easy and not greasy. Works to relieve pain