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Jade Woman Herbals by Kan Jade Control 120 tabs

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Dietary Supplement

For Professional Use Only

Formulated by Jane Lyttleton. Only the finest hand-selected Chinese herbs are used. Rigorous manufacturing standards are applied at each stage of production.

Amount Per Serving
PoriaAmount Per Serving:
Dong quai rootAmount Per Serving:
Chinese red peony rootAmount Per Serving:
Chinese red peony rootAmount Per Serving:
Zedoary rhizome (vinegar prepared)Amount Per Serving:
Siberian motherwort herbAmount Per Serving:
Tienchi ginseng rootAmount Per Serving:
Sichuan lovage rhizomeAmount Per Serving:
peach seedAmount Per Serving:
Chinese cinnamon twig.excipientsAmount Per Serving:50 mg
binders: silicon dioxide (glidant/dehydrant)Amount Per Serving:
stearic acid (lubricant/binder)Amount Per Serving:
microcellulose (coating)Amount Per Serving:

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Anne Schano
We love that its grass fed especially for our Keto Lifestyle!

We live a Keto lifestyle & enjoy this Grass Fed Gelatin in lots of homemade specialties! Disintegrates very well in hot or cold mixtures or drinks!!

No instructions how to replace regular gelatin in recipes

Okay, I bought this to use instead of regular gelatin and not as a supplement. I tried using it in milk chocolate mousse, and the chocolate didn't set for me. I used the same amount as regular because there's no suggestions of how much to use compare to regular gelatin. Dissapointing.


We use frequently for jello and as an egg replacement. No taste at all. Our favorite brand

Good with sugar free gummies

I like this much better than other gelatins I have used

Cynthia L. Okimoto
Great to cleanse the uterus!

This product is great for doing a uterine cleanse! Why is that necessary? Some of us have old stagnant blood (dark in color) which is considered trapped heat according to Chinese medicine. Excess heat prevents or hinders one from getting pregnant. I do a cleanse every year or so to keep that part of my body healthy