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EarSeeds Headaches / Migraines Ear Seed 1 Kit

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Customer Reviews

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Javier Ramirez
Ear seed

Works , but will see for how long

Mallory Wilder
Doesn't help

Was really hopeful these would help but they didn't save your money put it toward a daith piercing.

Jennifer Pattow
Easy to use

I started using these to help with chronic migraine after asking my acupuncturist about daith piercing. She recommended these instead. They come with a guide for where to place them as well as their own tweezers for applying. I use 3-4 at a time, but they stay on for days.

So far, so good

I have issues with barometric pressure and migraines. We had a storm pass through the other night and I had no issues. Tough if u have big fingers. I have small hands and was a massage therapist so, I have no problem putting these on myself. I do use a mirror. You may need another person to help you. All I can say is give it a try and if it doesnt work, send it back within the 30 days. My Accupuntucturist used to use the gold beads on my ears all the time and they helped me. I figured Id give these a shot. No risk of seeds getting in your ears as the tap is very sturdy.

Easy for amateurs to use.

My acupuncturist gave me this as a gift for unrelenting migraines and headaches after brain injury. I completely forgot I had them. Woke up this morning with stiff neck, shoulders and sensitivity to light and sound. Found these while stumbling through my restroom. Used the map to poke around till I found my sensitive spots and stuck a bead on them...bilaterally (both ears). They were SO sore I nearly took them right off,, but gradually the soreness eased. About 20 minutes later, my neck wasn't as tense, my pressure headache was reduced, and I was no longer sensitive to light. I'm sold. Searched Amazon till I found my own pack. Don't want to let these run out. Who'da thunk I could figure the out. So grateful it worked! Don't forget to poke around till you find the sore spots, then sink a bead into them.