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Forces of Nature Headache Organic .14 oz

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Roll on Pain Relief

• Fast acting for all headaches
• Natural and long lasting
• Medicated deep penetrating action

Uses: For the temporary relief of headaches.

The Power of Lavandula Vera

Lavandula Vera is referred to as the most pure lavender. Naturally occurring borneol has analgesic properties provide fast and long lasting results to ease throbbing or stabbing pain.

The Purest Ingredients on Earth

Forces of Nature manufacture powerful USDA Certified Organic Medicines which deliver results time after time. They source from elite organic growers across the planet: from high in the Andes, Himalayan and Rocky Mountains to the island of Java, Madagascar, and Corsica and small organic farms in California. This allows Forces of Nature to provide the ultimate in purity and therapeutic value for their medicines.

Forces of Nature Unique Dual Action Approach for Medicine:

Forces of Nature one of a kind patent pending approach to medicine blends therapeutic organic homeopathic medicines with the purest organic essential oils, delivering two therapeutic actions in one. Homeopathy heals the body on a deep systemic level while essential oils deliver powerful localized effect.*

Drug Facts:

Active Ingredients:

Iris versicolor* 30C - Remedy for headaches
Lavandula vera* 12X - Remedy for headaches and lack of focus
Silicea* 30C - Relieves inflammation and pressure

Inactive Ingredients: Sesame Oil*, Lavandin Oil*, Rosemary Oil*

*USDA Certified Organic

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Definitely does the job!

This product is very convenient and easy to use. As soon as I feel migraines I use it and the migraines start calming down. So far its the best Ive used.

Beth Bailey
Good quality

Very happy with flavor and quality


Before I give my personal review how this has changed my life, I NEED to address fellow women who are also using this to help/stop vaginal atrophy. It says right on the bottle to only use it on the OUTER labia. It doesn't go anywhere between your inner lips or inside your vagina. You're introducing something inside your vagina which isn't made for internal use. Use it on the OUTER labia. I apply it on the outside and top of my outer labia and it's brought my severe burning pain of intercourse down from a 13/10 to a 3/10. My review: I use this for intense life ending hot flashes and freezing plus vaginal atrophy. I rub some on my inner arms (switching up where I daily apply it) for hot flash relief and I use some on my outer labia to help keep the pain of atrophy away. This stuff is a godsend. I tried the other usual stuff like Estroven, etc and it made my severe hot flashes and freezing 20 times worse. I was at wits end, then I tried this and wow!! Someday if I ever get medical insurance and can get a hormone test once I actually get a doctor, then maybe I can get on actual hormones. But yes, my hot flashes were so bad I was getting them on the hour almost, I'd be in my 60 Deg Fahrenheit home burning up or I'd be at my factory that's 110 Deg Fahrenheit. I'd need to wear a thick hoodie once the hot flash passed while at work since i would freeze so brutally. 110 Deg factory and I'm shivering hard in a thick winter hoodie for a good 30 - 40 min to warm up. Then I'd get another brutal hot flash. I was this close to sayonara. Seriously. It was round the clock. Nothing helped. At all. But Bezwecken has saved my sanity, my sleep and my life. Literally. Saved my life.

Amazon Customer
Good stuff

This stuff has changed my life! Just settles you down! Slows things down. Improves sense of well-being.

Helps headaches

It seems to work, I use it at night