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Greens first EndFlame 1 test kit

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Don't guess when you can test

Comprehensive Omega-3 Index Cell Inflammation Blood Test

Instruction Summary:

• Collect Sample - Follow the step-by-step instructions to collect your sample.
• Mail Sample - Put your sample in the return envelope and drop it in the mail.
• Get Results - In 2-4 weeks you will receive your personalized results.
• Modify Diet - Use recommendations and healthcare provider guidance to modify your diet.

Read all instructions prior to sample collection.

This test kit contains:

• Sample Collection Card
• Lancet
• Bandage
• Gauze Pad
• Alcohol Wipe
• Test Request Form
• Return Envelope

User Instructions:

• Remove all components.
• Fill out the information requested on the Test Request Form and Sample Collection Card.
• Collect the sample:
- Suggestions to increase blood flow: Wash hands thoroughly with warm water, hold you arm down at your side for 20 seconds, or rub hands together for 20 seconds.
- Clean the side of your fingertip (index, middle, or ring) with the alcohol wipe. Remove excess alcohol with the gauze pad.
- Twist off the blue protective lancet cover. Place the lancet lightly on the side of your clean finger and press downward firmly into your finger until a click is heard. This will release a small spring-loaded needle and you will feel a faint sting.
- Allow a drop of blood to collect on your finger. Lightly squeezing your finger can help. Lightly touch the blood drop to the center of the dotted circle. Completely fill the circle with blood.
- When finished, apply pressure to the finger with the gauze pad; apply adhesive bandage if you wish.

• Let the blood spot dry for 15-20 minutes. then fold the collection card flap so it covers the blood spot.

• Place the sample collection card in the plastic bag and seal the bag. Place this bag and the Test Request Form in the pre-paid return mail envelope, then mail on the same day.

• Discard the lancet and other supplies in the trash.

Slight pink discoloration on the collection card is normal and part of testing system. Avoid taking any omega-3 capsules 12 hours before collecting sample. Persons with bleeding disorders or taking blood thinners should consult their physicians prior to using this kit.

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