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Vitanica Dopamine Assist 60 vegcaps

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Dopamine Assist supports the body's natural production of dopamine, one of the body's primary catecholamines, and essential for balanced central nervous system function in the areas of motivation, attention, learning, mood and sleep.*

Featured Ingredients:

• Macuna pruriens is a botanical naturally promoting production of the metabolic precursor to dopamine, which crosses the blood brain barrier
• Tyrosine is a non-essential amino acid, easily synthesized in the body from phenylalanine and then converted into dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine; when taken as a supplement, it does not have to compete with other amino acids, as it does when it is present in foods
• Tyrosine, Vitamin B6, Green tea, Quercetin and Folate (L-5-MTHF) are all synergistic ingredients in maintaining dopamine and promoting a restored and balanced neurotransmitter environment in the brain*


The ingredients in this formula are selected due to their known effects of promoting the mechanisms that bring about the desired positive support on the delicate balance of brain neurotransmitter chemistry. It is important that all neurotransmitters be balanced to support mental, emotional and physical health, day to day and for future wellness.*

Serving Size:2 Vegetable Capsule
Servings Per Container:30

Amount Per Serving
Vitamin B-6 (as pyridoxal-5-phosphate)Amount Per Serving:25 mg
Folate (as L-5-Methylfolate)Amount Per Serving:800 mcg
L-tyrosineAmount Per Serving:800 mg
QuercetinAmount Per Serving:100 mg
Velvet bean seed extract (99% L-Dopa) ~ Mucuna pruriensAmount Per Serving:425 mg
Green tea leaf extract (95% polyphenols, 50% EGCG)Amount Per Serving:100 mg
Other Ingredients:
Vegetarian capsule (cellulose and water), l-leucine


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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Alyssia R
Dopamine Assist Working Well

This product was recommended by my physician. I have been taking them for about 2 months. They seemed to boost my mood and is being taken along with a low dose antidepressant. We felt my serotonin levels were finally at a good place, but perhaps the dopamine levels were not. So far so good, I am feeling more and more like my old self. Much more energy and brain fog has lifted. Have recommended to a couple of friends (all in our 50s) and they all agree that Vitanica is helping!

Take at your own risk

Makes me have very bad restroom response every time I take. Use 5 HTP instead. Like straight up liquid for the day lol be careful


I'm writing this as a wife, mother, and mental health care professional. Use this product with caution. Does it work? YES. But there is a BUT. Short story: If you miss a day or two you may experience suicidal thoughts. Long story: My teen started using this at the advice of a naturopathic doctor to improve mood after a urine test revealed low dopamine levels could be the cause of depression. We were happy to try a natural solution before a pharmaceutical option. WHY NOT? HARMLESS CHOICE. Wrong. My teen said this did elevate their mood in a noticeable (but not drastic) way. However, my teen reported if they missed a day or two, their passive suicidal thought would appear stronger than ever before. (Passive suicidal thought is the only way my teen has experienced suicidal thoughts, ei. wanting something to kill them, or wanting to die.) The other issue is that the mood elevation didn't last, after about two months of taking this consistently at the advice of the doctor, the lasting effects seemed to be a small seemingly permanent bump UP in mood, but not AS much of a bump as in the beginning. In other word, if you were using scaling questions for depression with 0 being "I want to die" and 10 being "everything is great" and if my teen was like a 4 prior to this, they got bumped up to a 6 or 7 at the height of efficacy, if they missed a day they were at like a 1 or 2, and when it seemed to stop working as well they stayed around a 5. Bonus husband anecdote: So, my husband also has experienced various levels of depression and suicidal thought for a lifetime (never wanted to be medicated). He decided maybe he should try it too and see if it lifted his mood, recognizing that he likely also has a dopamine deficiency based on our assessments of his symptoms and behavior. So, he started taking, with my warning about our teen, and said that to his SURPRISE (big skeptic) it actually seemed to help. BUT, as you can guess, one day he was experiencing an unusual amount of suicidal thoughts and then he realized he had missed taking this product by a day or two. Luckily, both my teen and husband were able to watch out for this, recognize what it was, and speak up. I would hate for someone not to have this warning, or a support system to reach out to. I struggled with how many stars to give this product, because it does seem to do what it says it does. However, the cost could be significant. I would not dissuade anyone for trying this for a natural support, but do so with eyes wide open. And think of a plan ahead of time of what you would do if you began to feel this way, including informing a loved one you plan to try this, and there is a small risk, and you will be contacting them if you experience suicidal thoughts, and tell them how you want to ensure their safety. Maybe even write a letter to yourself in advance. Best of luck. And don't be too afraid to try a real antidepressant. I have many clients who have turned me into a believer because they are finally stabilized. I just thought it would be worth giving this a try first... but it didn't fully "cut the mustard" and came at too great a risk

Ms Nol
Works great but take with a meal!

I definitely notice a difference on the days I take these versus the days I dont- I'm ADHD and take Adderall, but there's still a gap in executive function sometimes and this helps bridge that gap. I find that on the days I take it, my cognition is a little better, I remember things better, and my temper is smoother. My only complaint is that you MUST take these with a meal. Don't even take them in the morning and then go downstairs to cook. If you get distracted longer than 10mins and it's more than 30 before you eat, you'll find yourself nauseated for hours and dry heaving. I do, anyway. Just leave the bottle in the kitchen and take them with your first meal, trust me

Does nothing

Very disappointed in this product. No noticeable difference in anything