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Brand: Arterosil


  • Promotes a healthy heart and helps maintain blood pressure in the normal range*
  • Supports a strong and vital endothelial glycocalyx (the micro-thin, gel-like lining that protects your veins and arteries)*
  • Shown in 20+ years of studies to increase arterial elasticity and protect and restore the endothelial glycocalyx*
  • Cardiologist-recommended supplement helps support normal blood circulation, including regulation of vascular permeability and fluid balance*
  • Arterosil HP is transitioning to CLEAR VEGAN CAPSULES! Whether your Arterosil HP comes in our legacy white capsules with red print, or our new print-free CLEAR VEGAN CAPSULES, rest assured it’s the same great formula with the same great benefits!

model number: P060C502

Part Number: P060C502

Details: Your circulatory system is the foundation of all health. Blood circulation is responsible for delivering life-giving oxygen, nutrients, and hormones to every single organ and system in your body. Arterosil supports healthy circulatory function by protecting and restoring the endothelial glycocalyx – the protective inner lining of all 60,000 miles of blood vessels throughout your body. That includes the largest arteries in your chest, every single vein, and the tiniest capillaries in your brain, fingers, and toes. Most people are exposed to factors that compromise this protective lining and lower its effectiveness. Such exposures include high or unregulated blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, sugar/glucose, oxidative stress, smoking, inflammation, aging, and many other environmental and health conditions. Unlike other supplements, Arterosil is the only supplement that contains MonitumRSTM – a proprietary extract of rhamnan sulfate, a specialized polysaccharide from the rare green seaweed, Monostroma nitidum. Discovered by a medical doctor in the late 1990s, and now with over 20 years of research, the rhamnan sulfate in Arterosil’s proprietary MonitumRSTM extract is the premier glycocalyx-regenerating compound, and has been shown to have many additional cardiovascular health benefits.* Daily use of Arterosil (2 pills a day) has been shown to protect and restore the endothelial glycocalyx, promote vascular elasticity, and help maintain blood pressure in the normal range.* Take charge of your vascular and heart health. Available in doctor’s offices nationwide, or directly from the manufacturer - Calroy Health Sciences, LLC - the ONLY authorized seller of Arterosil on Amazon. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

EAN: 0859373003046

Package Dimensions: 4.1 x 2.0 x 1.9 inches

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Elena Prochazka

Arterosil HP by Calroy - Cardiovascular Health

tom clark
Glad its easily available that makes me pleased

No not now

Amazon Customer
Great Product

No Negatives / Product is Fresh / Packaged Well

R lop
So far working

My numbers have gone down in right after 5 days

Randall Miller
Im feeling better and better

My doctor put me on this along with many other supplements so its hard to identify any one thing responsible for my improvement. Helpful life advice if you live in an area with ticks: if you get bit by a tick and you go to a walk in clinic and see a nurse practitioner who tells you not to worry about it and that you dont need antibiotics, insist on antibiotics until you get them. You do not want to take any chances?? Very thankful Im finally getting great medical care but its very expensive as insurance companies in the US dont properly cover treatment for Lyme and there are a lot of people in the medical profession who are sadly clueless about Lyme and other tick born illnesses. Not their fault, they were instructed that Lyme is a non-issue...Im less forgiving of the insurance companies. Anyways enough of this rant. Buy this if you think it will help and you can afford it. I wish you only the best in dealing with whatever it is that has you seeking this product. It seems to be helping me ????