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Mirabella Beauty AMP Lash & Brow Enhn Serum Display

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Enhance lashes and brows with this powerful, hydrating serum. A rich blend of quick-delivering peptides absorb at the roots to restore the appearance of thick-looking lashes and visibly full brows.


AMP Lash and Brown Enhancing Serum Display: Includes 6 Lash and Brow enhancing Serums plus a tester.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Almost expired

When I received this there was only about a week and a half until it expired. Yes I know most things are good atleast a little past the expiration date but I dont want to push it by much with something going on my eyes. Not sure why they would send out something that was manufactured over two years ago and expiring soon. Anyways, I used this for about two weeks and didnt notice any difference unfortunately and Im not trying it longer than that. I have pretty sensitive eyes and didnt have any issues with it though, no burning etc so thats a plus at least.

I can't see much difference

I only used this product on my brows but I can't see much difference. I'm sure it's not a bad thing to condition my eyebrows, and I didn't experience any irritation or other issues, I just on think my brows are any fuller.

Easy to apply!

This growth serum is very easy to apply to your lashes and to your brows. You can apply this twice a day and it will help to make your brows thicker. I havent noticed my lashes getting longer but it does seem like my mascara is going on better after Ive been using this.

Long lashes

Be consistent and have patience,you will have wonderful lashes. It worked for me,i will continue using it.

Hmm Not sure

I have tried it for a while now but I haven't really seen a difference so I'm not sure if I have to wait longer