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Progressive Labs Amino Blend 90 caps

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Amino acids, the building blocks of protein, are necessary for growth and maintenance of all intra- and extra-cellular tissue. Stress can create biochemical burdens and a need for additional protein.

When an increase in dietary protein intake is needed, one may:

• Increase intake of high protein foods
• Supplement with protein powder
• Supplement with protein hydrolysates
• Supplement with free form amino acids
Amount Per Serving
L-AlanineAmount Per Serving:147 mg
L-LysineAmount Per Serving:203 mg
L-ArginineAmount Per Serving:138 mg
L-MethionineAmount Per Serving:55 mg
L-CysteineAmount Per Serving:23 mg
L-OrnithineAmount Per Serving:23 mg
L-CystineAmount Per Serving:26 mg
L-ProlineAmount Per Serving:77 mg
L-GlutamineAmount Per Serving:28 mg
L-SerineAmount Per Serving:95 mg
L-GlycineAmount Per Serving:95 mg
L-ThreonineAmount Per Serving:91 mg
L-TyrosineAmount Per Serving:77 mg
L-IsoleucineAmount Per Serving:71 mg
L-ValineAmount Per Serving:120 mg
L-LeucineAmount Per Serving:203 mg
TaurineAmount Per Serving:48 mg
L-Aspartic AcidAmount Per Serving:206 mg
L-PhenylalanineAmount Per Serving:102 mg
L-Glutamic AcidAmount Per Serving:349 mg
Other Ingredients:
magnesium stearate, rice flour, gelatin
  • Wheat Free
  • Soy Free
  • Yeast Free
  • Sugar Free
  • Preservative Free
  • Corn Free
  • Free of Artificial Colors/Flavors
One to three capsules daily, or more, as directed by a doctor.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
My only complaint

My only complaint would be having to take three tablets, instead of one to meets the nutrition I need.

T Camp
Great blend of

Great blend of many important amino acids. I take every day. I am finding I have more energy and stamina since started taking. I will buy again and continue taking , and update my review.

Kat M.
It seems to

It seems to be working well. I have more energy, etc.

Not sure these

Not sure these do anything

Frank Bodiker Jr
Doctor wanted me

Doctor wanted me to get these for a health issue. This product is great, and good quality.