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Emerson Ecologics LLC KN95 Disposable Masks 10 Pack

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KN95 Disposable Mask - Pack of 10

Non-NIOSH approved disposable filtering facepiece respirators. For use in crisis situations when no other NIOSH-approved N95 respirator is available; they should not be used during aerosol generating medical procedures unless the alternative is a loose-fitting surgical mask or improvised device.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Good all around mask!

These masks provide the best protection you can get for the price, convenience of ordering, besides going up to expensive N95. However, seems mask are going out the window too soon. Also, it would be nice if you know these were tested in the US even though they are on the EUA list. I use these as my primary mask.

c armugwump
You can be satisfied that this is the actual mask you are purchasing

This is a true N95 mask. I keep these masks ready by spraying with a 25% solution of hydrogen peroxide after each days use. Then they drip dry over a tub.

Brenda sweeney
the seller makes it hard to return

don't look real and i only want make in U.S.A and the seller is acting shady with the return label . i will print my own

Hedley W. Davies
Jarrow Coconut Oil Capsules

Excellent. Many reviews say these are large, I disagree. They are smaller than the ones sold by NOW.


The mask itself seems not too bad, but the bendable wire in the nose piece is somewhat springy, so that it does not retain the shape that would keep it tight to your face. This means there is a small gap where air can get in and out - not good! - and it if you are a glasses wearer, means that your glasses will get fogged. Also, although my head is just average size, the ear loops are rather tight and pull my ears forward. Finally, the name of the company, the model number of the mask, and some other numbers, right on the front of the mask. Even though the lettering is a muted gray, it is visible on the nearly white mask. So, all in all, several drawbacks to a mask that isn't inexpensive to begin with. I won't be buying them again. UPDATE: I find that if I thread a piece of wire inside the fabric of the nose piece from the inside of the mask, I can then bend the nosepiece my nose and get an excellent fit - no fogging of glasses - I first used a small paper clip, but 18 gauge picture hanging wire works too, maybe a finer gauge would work also. I upgraded my review to two stars because the mask itself seems to work well enough. Now the only problem is the too-tight ear loops (and of course the company should have used a more user-friendly nosepiece wire in the first place.)