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Banyan Botanicals Sunflower Oil (Organic) 34 oz

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Tridoshic Oil that Soothes & Calms the Skin

This golden oil is extracted from the seeds of the vibrant and cheery sunflower plant, and it is the lightest of our base oils—in color, texture, and scent. Generally considered tridoshic, Sunflower Oil is balancing for pitta because of its subtly cooling nature, it is also good for vata, and it is one of the few oils suitable for naturally-oily kapha dosha due to its light texture. Wholly organic, expeller-pressed, and refined using a natural process, our sunflower oil is emollient, hydrating, nourishing, and glides smoothly over the skin without leaving an oily build-up.

As a carrier oil, it is an excellent team player—which is why Banyan Botanicals uses it in Kapha Massage Oil, Pitta Massage Oil, Daily Massage Oil, and Sleep Easy Oil to name a few. Whether you want to combine it with your favorite essential oils or just use it straight from the bottle, your smooth, happy skin will thank you for it!

Sunflower Oil is great to stock up on, especially if you have a pitta or kapha constitution or imbalance. If you're planning on ordering one of our larger sizes, consider adding an oil pump to your bottle for a spill-free experience. Pumps are available for 34 and 128 fl oz bottles.

Organic Sunflower Oil
  • Organic
Banyan oils are packaged in recyclable BPA-free plastic containers.
This item contains no animal products and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Rachel Misztal-Bazzell
So far no issues

So far so good. I have only used it 2-3 times and am coming off trying the safflower oil with bad results. I like how light in color it is and the smell is very, very faint, which I like. It soaks right in and so far hasnt caused more of a reaction. I will edit my review if anything crazy happens, but if it continues to work the way it is, I will buy it again, as it is lower on the noncomedogenic scale than olive and sesame oil's.

A must buy!

Dont second guess it! Just buy it! You will not regret getting this amazing organic sunflower oil. You cant beat the price its a very big bottle I make body oils, body butters, body scrubs everything with this oil its truly amazing. BUY IT!!!

laura pinilla

Great package! Thank you!

char priolo
Finally a type of calcium that can actually be assimilated by the body!

A good calcium / vitamin d source, and a great bone builder!!

Patsy V. Seay
NOW has best essential oils

I can always count on the NOW brand for good quality for the price