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Nature's Way Oregano Oil 50 mg Standardized 60 caps

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Our Standardized Oregano Oil contains 75-85% carvacrol and supports a healthy immune response.*

Amount Per Serving
Flaxseed OilAmount Per Serving:25 mg
Oregano Oil (75-85% Carvacrol)Amount Per Serving:50
Other Ingredients:
Non-GMO soy lecithin, plant derived cellulose (capsule), water
  • Non-GMO
Take on capsules daily

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
CJ PugBug
Only brand that doesn't leave me burping up oregano flavor

This is the only brand that doesn't leave me burping up oregano flavor. I'm prone to sinus infections and when I get symptoms, I use 2 capsules 2x/day for several days. It really takes care of them, better than antibiotics ever did.

Mary Dyba
User friendly online ordering

User friendly online ordering


think it works...my son told me to take it as I am 65 to boost immune system. So far so good!

Joshua Harrison
Weird smell and look(under filled capsules) oreganolp97 is better

Pro: its much easier to swallow a pill than to ingest this in liquid form Cons: uncertainty of strength/quality, less efficacy(my opinion), the pills are not completely filled which is simply strange to look at, they smelled funny(not just that oregano smell, something else).... Overall, I gave a 2 star because I already expected some of the cons, and I only got them for the convenience of it... having said that, these capsules also had unexpected cons... I didnt expect the capsules to look and smell weird(once again, I know what oregano smells like because I SWEAR BY OREGANOL P73) I would have given 4 or 5 stars if the product was in what I would consider proper shape, I suspect that there was a temperature issue in the shipment or storage... I doubt it was intended to look a smell like what I got... I may be actually over rating this product because I was unable to get myself to take this more than a couple times before I got rid of it... I think that the presentation of the actual capsules are important for customers to trust what is inside the capsules... completely fill the capsules, so they dont look tampered with or like they were left in high temperatures.... and watch the storage of the product, heat makes them smell weird... in fact, the efficacy could be better from your capsules, but I will never know because I didnt trust the presentation of a product that left me unsure if it was helping me or actually causing harm... the product may have been great, hiding behind what looks like a product put together and handled haphazardly... thats my prerogative anyhow ?????

Maria Parrasales
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