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EarSeeds Depression Ear Seed 1 Kit

por EarSeeds
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Good product

This is a good product.

Becky Steele
Cause heart palpitations

For people who are prone th hear palpitations be cautious. Within 24 hrs of stopping this supplement, the palpitations disappeared. As far as depression relief, maybe modest improvement. This maybe perfect for some people, just be mindful of the palpitations.

It works...sort of

I realllly wanted this product to work but I should have read the reviews first. ?? I noticed a positive difference from my second dose. I was more calm and focused at work. I work in customer service so I noticed right away that my thoughts weren't rushing and than my brain didn't go into panic mode whenever the phone rang. BUT, 4th day on the supplement and the itchiness started. Just horrible and unpleasant! On my arms, legs, back and the palms of my hands. How do your palms get itchy?? Seriously! I started thinking what I had eaten that I could be allergic to and the only culprit is this supplement. I looked into it and turns out I'm not the only one. Plus, now I'm worried ab liver damage. Although I don't think I took it long enough to cause any significant damage. I hope not. Now I'm scared to try a different brand. Alas...I will have to return to being my nervous, anxiety driven self! ??

Martha Hofmann
This actually works!

I suspected I was having adrenal fatigue. I was having horrible horrible hot flashes. Other supplements did not help. The very 1st day I took this supplement my flashes had vanished! I also feel calmer, and my anxiety is much more manageable. I only take two a day. This is sooo totally worth it!!

Holistic Veterinarian Recommended

I have an older dog that just starting showing signs of arthritis. I have a Holistic Vet and she recommended this product. I research all recommendations and found this to be a great company and quality ingredients. ahvma . org. Bought from Amazon to save money. I always prefer capsules vs. chewables, AND they will be coming out w capsules very soon (2020)! My dog is 15lbs and I give her one tab per day, so this will last 4 months.