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Magnesium Gummies Supplement for Adults and Kids - 400MG per Serving - 120 Vegan Citrate Magnesium Vitamin for Stress Relief, Better Sleep, Calm Mood - Maximum Absorption - 100MG/ Gummy

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Brand: Holistic Method


  • Super Magnesium - Magnesium is an essential mineral in the body and plays a key role in many vital functions, including support for nerves, muscle and heart activity. Each gummy has 100MG.
  • Multiple Benefits - It contains magnesium citrate which provides a sense of calmness, improves sleep, reduces anxiety, and an ultimate stress-reliever after a long tiring day.
  • Supports Good Sleep - Magnesium Gummies will help you achieve a longer and deep-sleep cycles throughout the night. As a result, this mineral vitamin assists in your cognitive ability, mood, and maintains good energy levels.
  • Ideal Ingredients - Based on pectin and gluten-free, our magnesium gummies contain the right components which are vegan-friendly and will become your perfect partner in your daily life routine.
  • Top Quality - Made in the USA with zero fillers, no soy and additives which assures the safety and efficacy of each gummy intake.

Part Number: HM02

EAN: 0860005947027

Package Dimensions: 5.1 x 2.3 x 2.3 inches

Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews
Smiles galore
Effective Supplement

This gummy tastes good and is easy to chew and digest. I have taken magnesium supplements for years but was finding the large pills increasingly hard to swallow. These solved the problem and while I have only taken for 5 days, they seem to help in my battle with insomnia.

Terri S.
Good stuff

Taste good, dont have to swallow a pill or get nauseous from a pill!

Cynthia B. Smith
Great taste

My sons magnesium levels are low due to medications. He has had trouble taking oral magnesium due to the size of the tablets and the bad taste. He says these gummies taste great. He also hasnt had any stomach issues like he did previously with magnesium supplements.

Very grainy

The image on the description does not match what the gummy looks like. Its not covered in sugar but when you chew it its very grainy

Tamkeen Faiyaz
It really helps in all the ways listed

I used to have trouble sleeping, and also bad pain in my legs. So my doctor recommended these. And I was surprised they really work