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Nature's Way Uva Ursi Leaves 100 caps

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Uva Ursi leaves have a long history of use as a tonic herb for the urinary tract.*

Amount Per Serving
Uva Ursi LeavesAmount Per Serving:455 mg
Take one to three capsules three times per day, as needed, preferably with food and a full glass of water.

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
One of my Favorites!

I love this product! I have dry, sensitive and fair skin. The scent is very natural, softly rosy, and doesnt irritate my sensitive skin. I love the nude tinted cream everywhere! It is the perfect cream for day and at night I wear it as a foundation base. It looks beautiful!

Horrible for My Sensitive Skin

Prior to getting this, I'd just tried a Dr. Hauschka cleanser that I really, really liked (and still do), because it seemed to do beneficial things for my face without breaking out my super sensitive skin. Since I liked that so much, I jumped at the chance to try this. That? Was a mistake. I applied just a small amount of the mask, as I've learned (the hard way) to be cautious when trying new products. Within just a minute or two, I started noticing some itching on my cheeks. I didn't think it was a huge deal, and I hoped it would go away quickly, so I tried to power through. The itching just kept worse, though, so after having this on for somewhere between five and ten minutes, I rinsed it off. Not too long after that, I started seeing little bumps pop up on my face. By the next morning (I had used this product at night), I was in the midst of a pretty significant breakout. The spots were small, but there were quite a few of them. I don't know which ingredient is the culprit, but there is something in this mask that really irritated my skin. I just can't use this, and I would urge everyone else who has sensitive skin and decides to try this to do so with caution.

Happy Chappy
Improves skin tone

This revitalizing mask is unique in that it doesn't dry and stiffen as some do. It feels moisturizing and leaves your skin radiant and glowing. Four stars because the tube is only 1 oz, but a little goes a long way.


I have been using this for about a week and am very happy with it. I noticed a difference right away and feel better every day.

Works like a charm!

I use this whenever I feel the tell-tell twinges of a UTI coming on and it typically nips it in the bud. And its all natural which is a mega plus for me.