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Garden of Life RAW Protein and Greens Lightly Sw 23 oz

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Garden of Life combined the power of clean organic protein and the nutrient-rich energy of organic greens! RAW Protein & greens are CLEAN-Certified USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified-and Garden of Life think that CLEAN tastes better! Now you have even more choices with your protein: RAW Protein & greens-in a variety of available flavors, including Real RAW Vanilla, Chocolate Cacao, and Lightly Sweet. Offering 20 grams of smooth, raw organic plant protein per serving from organic sprouted brown rice, organic peas, organic chia, organic navy beans, organic lentil beans and organic garbanzo beans and 6 organic greens and veggies-organic alfalfa grass juice, organic spinach, organic kale, and organic broccoli, carrots and beets-1.5 billion CFU probiotics, 13 non-GMO enzymes, 3 grams of organic fiber and less than 1 gram of naturally occurring sugar, RAW Protein & greens is a delish way to get your protein and greens in one serving. And it's CLEAN, TRACEABLE and PURE.

RAW Protein & greens Benefits:

• RAW organic plant protein to support healthy muscles*
• Supports healthy digestion*
• Green energy* from raw, organic greens and green juices
• Great for the whole family
• Perfect in your favorite recipes
• Available in a variety of delicious flavors

RAW Protein & greens - a lightly sweet, delicious, CLEAN way to get your protein & greens all at once.

Serving Size:1 Scoop
Servings Per Container:20

Amount Per Serving
CaloriesAmount Per Serving:130
Total FatAmount Per Serving:1 g
Saturated Fat 0 gAmount Per Serving:
Unsaturated FatAmount Per Serving:1 g
Polyunsaturated FatAmount Per Serving:0.5 g
Trans Fat 0 gAmount Per Serving:
Cholesterol 0 mgAmount Per Serving:
SodiumAmount Per Serving:140 mg
PotassiumAmount Per Serving:120 mg
Total CarbohydrateAmount Per Serving:10 g
Dietary FiberAmount Per Serving:3 g
Soluble FiberAmount Per Serving:1 g
Insoluble FiberAmount Per Serving:2 g
SugarsAmount Per Serving:6 g
ProteinAmount Per Serving:20 g
Organic Raw Plant Protein & Sprout Blend:Amount Per Serving:
Organic sprouted brown rice proteinAmount Per Serving:
organic pea proteinAmount Per Serving:
organic chia proteinAmount Per Serving:
organic navy bean (sprout)Amount Per Serving:
organic lentil bean (sprout)Amount Per Serving:
organic garbanzo bean (sprout)Amount Per Serving:
organic flavor blend:Amount Per Serving:
organic cane sugarAmount Per Serving:
organic vanilla flavorsAmount Per Serving:
organice raw greens & veggies blend:Amount Per Serving:
organic spinach (leaf)Amount Per Serving:
organic kale (leaf)Amount Per Serving:
organic alfalfa grass juiceAmount Per Serving:
organic broccoli (stalk & flower)Amount Per Serving:
organic carrot (root)Amount Per Serving:
organic beet (root)Amount Per Serving:
raw probiotic & enzyme blend:Amount Per Serving:
raw probiotic & enzyme blend:Amount Per Serving:
lipaseAmount Per Serving:
proteaseAmount Per Serving:
aspergillopepsinAmount Per Serving:
beta-glucanaseAmount Per Serving:
cellulaseAmount Per Serving:
bromelainAmount Per Serving:
phytaseAmount Per Serving:
lactaseAmount Per Serving:
papainAmount Per Serving:
peptidaseAmount Per Serving:
pectinaseAmount Per Serving:
xylanaseAmount Per Serving:
hemicellulaseAmount Per Serving:
lactobacillus plantarum, lactobacillus bulgaricus 1.5 billionAmount Per Serving:0 CFU
Typical Amino Acid Profile (per 33 g serving):Amount Per Serving:
AlanineAmount Per Serving:969 mg
ArginineAmount Per Serving:1640 mg
Aspartic AcidAmount Per Serving:1980 mg
CystineAmount Per Serving:312 mg
Glutamic AcidAmount Per Serving:3250 mg
GlycineAmount Per Serving:832 mg
HistidineAmount Per Serving:441 mg
IsoleucineAmount Per Serving:927 mg
LeucineAmount Per Serving:1600 mg
LysineAmount Per Serving:1030 mg
MethionineAmount Per Serving:396 mg
PhenylalanineAmount Per Serving:1030 mg
ProlineAmount Per Serving:919 mg
SerineAmount Per Serving:932 mg
ThreonineAmount Per Serving:710 mg
TryptophanAmount Per Serving:256 mg
TyrosineAmount Per Serving:919 mg
ValineAmount Per Serving:1070 mg


We work to ensure that product information is correct; however, brands may make changes to products from time to time, and actual product packaging and materials may contain more and/or different information than that shown on our website. Please consult all labels, warnings, and directions prior to using or consuming products for the most accurate product information.

Directions: Mix 1 level sccop (scoop included) with 6 oz of water. Delicious with almond milk.

Contains no: soy, dairy, tree nuts, filler ingredients, artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives.

Store in a cool, dry place. Do not use if safety seal is broken or missing. Packaged by weight not by volume. Settling may occur.

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