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Boiron Lycopodium clavatum 30C 80 plts

by Boiron
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Homeopathic. Main Indication: Bloated abdomen improved by passing gas†
• Common Name: Club moss

ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Lycopodium clavatum
INACTIVE INGREDIENTS: sucrose, lactose

USE: for self-limiting condition listed below or as directed by a physician.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Okie CatFan
Good Product

My experience is that Boiron makes good meds. This works as it should for what is claimed. I love using homeopathic meds. Negative reactions are extremely rare. Be sure that you take them correctly. Never touch the pellets. Dispense them into the cap and toss into your mouth. Let them dissolve under the tongue.

For my dog

Bobo's holistic vet asked me to get that for him. He is doing well after using this.

parmindar irvine
Good for

Good for gas

M. Carol Osburn
Eats the fat out of your liver

This actually helps clean fat out of your liver. A alternative medical professionsl told me it will remove toxins in your body. It also helps with weight reduction

Lisa Smith
Label on bottle is kali bichromicum with a sticker over ...

Label on bottle is kali bichromicum with a sticker over it that says lycopodium. No way to return. What a rip off.