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Bezwecken Linopanate Ointment 2 oz

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Commonly used as an all-natural topical moisturizing ointment for dry heels, irritated skin, dry nipples or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

Notes: Contains no parabens, mineral oil or petrolatum. Never tested on animals.

Ingredients: Lanolin, Vitamin E and Vitamin D
Directions: Apply topically to affected area as needed or as directed by your healthcare practitioner

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Carolyn Willie
Better than any prescription ointment my dermatologist prescribed

For years Ive had a small sore on the tip of my nose ,my dermatologist said it wasnt cancer and gave me a prescription which really didnt work and it would bleed if it got too much sun. I got this ointment for my feet which I never used for that because I had other creams for it. So I thought , what the heck, Ill use it on my nose and low and and behold its working! Ive had this spot on my nose for YEARS! So I am beyond happy that it is finally going away! I was as so self conscious of it I am so glad it is finally going away. Buy this, you wont regret it!

Fabulous Ointment for Hands and Feet

Great product! I put it on after every shower and it's made a difference. Will buy this product forever.

Mari C
Heals dry cracked skin within 24 hours ...

This salve is amazing! It heals broken dry skin quicker that anything else I have used . My husband has a shattered foot that I have to wrap daily & also try to prevent breakdown of the skin & surrounding tissue. I tried this on a whim & so glad I did . Its a day to day struggle but I have a new helper

maire alli

this is a great healing ointment. works great on dry skin and scratches

Satisfied customer
Best ointment ever!

This ointment is fabulous on sensitive skin! Also great for boo-booed knees and elbows:)