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Planetary Herbals Kids' Immune Protect 2 oz

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Kids' Immune Protect™

Boosts Immune Resistance

Planetary Herbals is proud to introduce Kids' Immune Protect liquid. This premium botanical combination helps boost resistance at the start of winter and is especially helpful for back-to-school and day care challenges. Kids' Immune Protect is formulated to support a vitally strong immune defense for children.

Kids' Immune Protect liquid is based on a classic Chinese formula featuring astragalus, which has been shown in research to support the immune system and enhance T-cell and macrophage activity. Astragalus has been used specifically for promoting the health of children for several hundred years!

Kids' Immune Protect is part of the Planetary Herbals line of products that draws on the wisdom of traditional cultures, the new knowledge gleaned from scientific research, and the more than 30 years of experience of Oriental Medical Doctor and herbalist Michael Tierra. These formulas provide the best of what modern herbalism and science have to offer.

Kids' Immune Protect: For a Healthy School Year

Parents: Planetary Herbals offers you this unique botanical formula to help keep your child healthy in school or day care. Kids' Immune Protect is especially useful at the start of the cold weather season. Kids' Immune Protect is a great tasting liquid, prepared in a naturally sweet glycerine base. This delicious liquid is free of both alcohol and sugar, and is flavored with essential oil of orange.

Astragalus: Valued Chinese Botanical

The centerpiece of Kids' Immune Protect is astragalus, the primary botanical tonifier used in traditional Chinese herbalism for thousands of years to enhance immune resistance, specifically for children. Modern research validates this traditional use.

Astragalus was shown to support immune resistance in an epidemiological study in China involving 1,000 subjects, who were given the botanical in both oral form and as a nasal spray. Astragalus was also shown to support immune resistance in animal research, which showed positive effects on T-cells and macrophages. Its antioxidant properties were demonstrated in a series of animal and in vitro studies.

Additional Complementary Herbs

In traditional Chinese herbalism, astragalus is most commonly used together with other botanicals. Kids' Immune Protect combines astragalus with the Chinese tonics, atractylodes and siler. This combination is one of the most relied-upon classic formulas in Chinese herbalism to strengthen immune resistance.

Clinically Derived Formula from Michael Tierra

Kids' Immune Protect is part of a botanical line developed by Planetary's chief formulator, Michael Tierra, a renowned herbalist and clinician for more than 30 years. These products are used on a daily basis in his practice. The result: formulas you can trust!

Amount Per Serving
Vitamin D-3 (as cholecalciferol)Amount Per Serving:400 IU
Proprietary Extract BlendAmount Per Serving:1 ml
Astragalus Root (Premium Grade)Amount Per Serving:
Bai-Zhu Atractylodes RhizomeAmount Per Serving:
Siler RootAmount Per Serving:
Other Ingredients:
glycerin, purified water, natural orange flavor, potassium benzoate, potassium sorbate, citric acid

Suggested Use: For children 1-5 years, 15 drops twice daily between meals. For children 5 years and older, 35 drops twice daily between meals.

Warning: If you are pregnant, may become pregnant, or breastfeeding, consult your health care professional before using this product. Do not use if tamper-evident seal is broken or missing. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
No returns, Arrived in broken glass, bought by Nestle?

$35 Non-returnable shattered glass, owned by Nestle? Buyer beware. Its tough to swallow.

Amazon Customer
Works very well

I have been very sick very frequently. I would get sick about 1 time a month. I bought these in October of 2019 and I have only been sick 1 time since. (June 2020) - they have changed my life. I take 6 different vitamins from this brand now and love them!

Probably most affordable

Doctor recommended a small dose of vitamin c everyday, i did some research and found this to be the most affordable for the quantity and dosage. I actually cut the pills in half so i get even double the amount i need...

Swear by these!

I take one daily. Helps absorb my other vitamins as well. When my mom started taking these, she suddenly stopped getting colds and it seemed to boost her immune system. Then dad started, and hes liking the effects too. The pills are a little big, so take this one by itself, or cut in half. You could even grind it into powder i presume and put into orange juice. Ive been using these for over a year now. One cold, which was minor.

A Terrific Value

Despite what is so often claimed virtually all Vitamin C is the same (exception is Liposomal). Thus if you are one that uses 'mega dosing' to handle minor health problems this is one of the best choices. I would imagine that swallowing a single tablet for daily use would be reasonably easy but when taking 6 a little difficulty is noticed. The flavor of Vitamin C is sharp (it is an acid). However, unless you let these dissolve in your mouth, you will probably not notice any flavor. I can only presume absorbency is good, since they do seem to be effective.