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Mirabella Beauty Kabuki Brush

SKU 71662
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Dense, luxurious kabuki brush for application of all powder products. Ideal for use with pure press mineral powder.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Roger N. Overton
A really great brush

The kabuki brush is excellent. The bristles of the brush are extremely soft and gentle on the skin. The size of the kabuki brush is perfect. It's large and applies powder extremely smoothly and efficiently. The shape of the brush is also great. The bristles rise up a bit toward the center and are perfect for getting into the crevices around the nose and eyes so that no area is missed. While this brush is great at application, I've also found it to be wonderful at blending everything together at at the end for a more polished and finished look. This a well-made product that does its job very well

Edie Nolan
Hefty and effective

I love the feel of this blending brush in my hand. It's nice and hefty, and the metal handle shows it's made of great quality material. The soft, full bristles are also very high quality, and the blending capabilities are top-notch. I've tried several blending brushes for my eyeshadows, and this one by Mirabella is by far the most effective. All of a sudden, I've gone from high school student (bold chunky colors) to mature adult (gradient, professional, and natural). Makeup tutorials help, of course, but you need good quality brushes to really look good. For professional grade tools, try Mirabella

Feels luxurious

I really really like this brush. My first impression of it was the box which was sturdy and felt very nicely made. The metal handle of the brush, while heavy, gives it a luxury feel, which you would expect in a brush that costs $38. Nothing on the handle was loose and the brushed metal finish gives it a striking appearance. The bristles are soft but densely packed so it feels like substance when brushed against my face. The brush washes well and I haven't had any issues with bristle fall out. It does the exact job that I purchased it for and I have not complaints.

Mrs. LD
Great Kabuki Brush

This brush is awesome. I use it to put loose powder on my face. It is perfect. Goes on so smoothly. Wouldnt use any other brand!

Lover of All Things Beauty
Would be a nice brush if the handle was weighted properly, but its not

I got the Small Crease brush. I have really small, really hooded eyes. I like smaller brushes, and this seemed like it would work great! This comes in an outer product box. It is made in China. It says it is not tested on animals, but doesnt have any certified logo. Inside, the brush is in a plastic sleeve. This brush is HEAVY! The handle and ferrule are silver. I honestly cant believe how heavy this small brush is! Its crazy! It has a weighted handle. I usually really like weighted handles, they give you more control. But, this is weighted totally wrong in my opinion. The weighted part is far too long. Its half of the handle. Instead of just the end. It makes it so you have to hold it in just the right spot to get the effect a weighted handle should give. You should be able to do it better. It makes it super annoying. The hairs are extremely soft. I didnt have any shedding. They seem to be cut evenly. Like I said, I got the Small Crease brush. Its a kind of pencil brush style. It is rounded. So, it works well to pack color on, but will also work to do precise blending in specific areas. With my really small, really hooded eyes, I love that! It also works to apply shadow on the lower lash or smudge liner out. Id love this brush if it was weighted properly. I have tons of makeup brushes and so few with weighted handles. I like the control a properly weighted handle gives. But, this one is weighted so weird with way too much of the handle weighted, it actually gives less control. So, its not for me. Its a nice brush otherwise. But, at $20 for a single brush like this, it would only be worth it in my opinion if it was weighted properly. Since its not, I cant recommend it.