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Guna, Inc. Guna Flu Display

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Display holds 20 Guna-Flu boxes

• Item # FLU

Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Richard L Luckett
No Flushing

I have very high Triglycerides thanks to very heavy drinking for decades (which I quit 2 weeks ago). I stated this supplement a week ago to help reduce my Triglycerides. I had taken Niacin at bedtime in the past and hated the hot flushing feeling it gave me in the middle of the night. I tried Non-flushing Niacin (inositol hexaniacinate) which I found out has no effect on Triglycerides. Niatab 500 is true Niacin and there is NO FLUSHING! I take it in the morning and never feel any side affects. I highly recommend Niatab 500 to anyone look for a true Niacin supplement!

What is this?

Looked for a way to contact the seller but there isnt one. I found this weird stuff at the bottom of my bottle after I got to the end of it. Should I be concerned? I will contact the actual manufacturer since I cant contact the seller. These vitamins have always been great but Ill be buying from a store from now on.

Great ingredients but gotta take 3 pills.

I love the ingredients and there is no after taste. However, they are pretty big and requires you to take 3 a day. Arrived nicely packaged and with the seal intact.


They have done me well this pregnancy. They are big and dont taste great. I also dont take the full serving.

William Haithco

Been taking them for 2 weeks now and I can say they may be working or I may be healing on my own but my torn rotator cuff is healing up nicely with no surgery so no complaints here.