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Nature's Way Fo-Ti Root 610 mg 100 caps

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FoTi is considered one of China's four great herbs, where it is known as He Shou Wu and often used on an alternating basis with Ginseng.

Amount Per Serving
Fo-TiAmount Per Serving:610 mg
As an addition to the daily diet, take one to three capsules two times daily with water between mealtimes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Seems to be first liver supplement that's actually helping.

I've had various health problems and concerns modern healthcare hasn't been so great at helping with. Thus I've studied on my own for probably thousands of hours and spent thousands of dollars trying to not feel like crap, every day. I've had gallbladder pains so it was removed. Still have some pain in that area. One Dr. noticed fatty liver on an ultrasound but said not to worry, it's not bad, it's common, etc. Another Dr. noticed higher than average liver enzymes, but also said, not to worry. I've always noticed over the years that generally anything that should help your liver, makes me feel better. Anything bad for your liver, well makes me feel like death. I've probably damaged my liver pretty well over the years. Too many antibiotics as a kid, accutane, mercury poisoning, fair amount of drinking, etc. I've always seen this supplement around but I don't see it mentioned a lot in literature. Most liver supplements make me feel worse, so I was cautious when I gave this a try. - ALA. First dose seems to make me feel good, then I feel progressively worse. I don't know if it's lowering my already low blood sugar, or what. - NAC. Similar to ALA. Feel slightly better at first, but then even more foggy and tired later in the day. - Choline supplements. BAAAD news. Make me very depressed, anxious, tired. This is known choline can make people depressed. - Milk Thistle. Either no effect or just makes me feel super lousy. Tired, spaced out, depressed, etc. - SAMe - Feel good first few days. Energetic and clear headed. Then comes this anxious, weird, just plain bad feeling. I've only taken this for about a week but I have noticed that I am sleeping better at night. This is HUGE because the last few years, my sleep is a serious problem. Also notice I wake up more clear headed. Also notice that my eyes are brighter, and actually green again. This is the first time in well over 10 years, I've seen that color green in my eyes. I forgot they used to look like that. People have commented my eyes and skin look brighter. I generally seem to react well to it. Some days/doses seem to make me feel the typical lethargic/spacey, but finally, the pros seem to outweigh the cons in a liver supplement. I will try to update this review in a month or so with liver ultrasounds and enzyme level tests to make sure there I'm really improving on paper as well.

Try it!

Hair didn't turn black, but made it thicker for sure.

i absolutely vouch for this!

This is our second bottle. First bottle was bought by my roomie for her greying hair and insomnia. For the first two weeks she is raving about the amazing results she is experiencing such as good sleep in which she describes it as reaching full REM! Her insomnia is really terrible even slight sounds bother her. Amazing! With greying hair, she is noticing a little improvement but we r having this in less than a month. I will update this review after three months. For me i have no problems in greying and thinning hair and sleep. But im taking it anyway to prevent those probs from happening

L A Harbes
Product seems fine and shipping was what I expected

Product seems fine and shipping was what I expected. I will know more about this product as I use it more.

Dara Nelson, Love Unchained
Really helps with thinning hair

I am a female who has had thinning hair for over 20 years. My acupuncturist recommended this to me a few years ago to try taking for my thinning hair and I couldn't be happier. My hair has thickened up and the there is even less grey in it.