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Nature's Way CompleteGest

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Dietary Supplement
Serving Size:1 Vegetable Capsule
Servings Per Container:90

Amount Per Serving
Pure Plant Enzymes™***Amount Per Serving:
amylaseAmount Per Serving:306 mg
proteaseAmount Per Serving:
lipaseAmount Per Serving:
lactaseAmount Per Serving:
phytaseAmount Per Serving:
cellulaseAmount Per Serving:
sucraseAmount Per Serving:
maltaseAmount Per Serving:
***PURE PLANT ENZYMES (per UltraCap™):Amount Per Serving:
Carbohydrate Digestion: pH Range** Enzyme ActivityAmount Per Serving:
Amylase 4-6Amount Per Serving:16000 USP/FIP
Phytase 5-7 0.85 PUAmount Per Serving:
Lactase I, II 3-6 800 ALUAmount Per Serving:
Cellulase I, II 4-6 175 CUAmount Per Serving:
Sucrase 3-6 150 INVUAmount Per Serving:
Protein Digestion:Amount Per Serving:
Protease I 6-9II 5-10 41,000 HUTIII 2-6 24,375 PCIV 2-3 15,000 USPAmount Per Serving:
Fat Digestion:Amount Per Serving:
Lipase I 6-8II 4-8 485 LUAmount Per Serving:1050 USP/FIP
Other Ingredients:
vegetable capsule (modified cellulose), cellulose


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  • Vegetarian
One or two UltraCaps with meals three times daily.
If you know or suspect you have an ulcer, do not use unless under the care of a healthcare practitioner. If pregnant, nursing, or taking prescription drugs, consult your healthcare practitioner prior to use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Best Digestive Enzyme on the Market - Been Taking it for 20 Years

I used to order my vitamins from a different website, but they stopped carrying several of my daily vitamins. So, I decided to check out Amazon and they carried everything I needed. Was beyond thrilled that I am able to continue taking the same digestive enzyme and not have to start trying out new ones. I take these every morning on an empty stomach and they help me with my food intolerances - great product with excellent Amazon delivery.

Amazon Customer
I started taking these after some foods were bothering my ...

I started taking these after some foods were bothering my stomach, now I don't have that happening. These work excellently for me.

Micke Parkhurst
Good product. Take only small amount.

Really excellent product for helping digest food better. But, don't take too many, or it could dissolve you! Also, if you have candida, you might want to be careful as this is a live yeast product.

Reviewer 007
It really helps me digest my food!

I am so happy I bought these. I originally bought these because they have phytase in them, which helps break down Phytic acid which is bad for the teeth. Phytic Acid is in grains, seeds, nuts etc. Using these enzymes may have helped two bad cavities not progress over my two years that I avoided the dentist, but it did not reverse or decrease any damage that was done. Instead, I fell in love with this product for other reasons. As the older I get, the more digestive issues I have. I am lactose intolerant, can't have super greasy food, and heavy meats are hard on me. These enzymes really help things move along my system. When I eat something and it feels like a rock in my stomach, I take a couple pills and I feel much better after 30 minutes. If I don't take the pill, it can be up to 3 hours of feel like a rock in my stomach. However, I don't think this is great for lactose intolerance. I read another reviewer saying this was better than any other lactic acid enzyme they have tried. This is not the case for me. This bottle contains Lactase enzyme at 800 ALU, and the Lactaid brand which contains 9000 ALU. It took me getting sick a few times on dairy before I realized it was because this doesn't have the same level of enzymes. Sure I can have some cheese in my meal, but I can't eat clam chowder or ice cream on just one or two pills. Overall, this pill really helps me enjoy foods such as pizza or hamburgers, which I normally don't digest well. So I am pretty happy with them. I am already half way through my second bottle. I plan on buying many more bottles in the future!

works Great for Me!

Works and tolerated well for me and my digestive issues with Crohns and ileostomy.