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Amrita Aromatherapy Allergy Easer Roll-On Relief Org 1 fl oz

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This potent Roll On belongs in your purse or pocket. Enjoy the freedom that comes from having a secret weapon on hand. Increase your confidence to enjoy the great outdoors with the most soothing essential oils in a pre-diluted ready for application mixture.

Ingredients: Filtered water, golden jojoba oil*, sucrose cocoate*, aloe barbadensis*, vegetable glycerin*, essential oils of: bulgarian lavender extract*, palmarosa*, hyssop cineol 1.8*, lavender mailette*, blue moroccan chamomile* and amni visnaga*, non-GMO xanthan gum, non-gmo lactic acid and non-gmo citric acid.

*Denotes certified organic ingredient.

  • Organic
  • Non-GMO

Respiratory: Apply all around the nose (including under the nose and outside of the nostrils).

Eyes: Carefully apply around the eyes

Skin: Apply directly to affected areas. Massage in further, if necessary.

Non-GMO. Organic.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. External use only.