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Boiron Ledum palustre 1M 80 plts

par Boiron
UGC 306960430230
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Homeopathic. Main Indication: Insect bites†
• Common Name: Wild rosemary

Serving Size:1
Servings Per Container:80

INACTIVE INGREDIENTS: sucrose, lactose


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Customer Reviews

Based on 91 reviews
Canary in the mine
Worked TWICE for my dog

Vet wanted to put my dog on 6 weeks of antibiotics for an "unknown" tick borne infection. I tried Ledum 1M instead and her fever was gone within 30 minutes and over the course of two days she completely healed. I used Ledum again when the dog was having trouble standing and was falling over easily. Vet wanted a brain MRI. I tried Ledum instead and she was completely healed the next day. Needless to say, we don't go to the vet's office much anymore. :)

Dog WIth Chronic Lyme limps less.

Dog WIth Chronic Lyme limps less. After even one day. I gave the dog one for three days, 3X a day. Then did just one for a few days. I was taking a chance, was sure it would do nothing, but the dog gets up without struggling and limps less.

Fredonyer it is!
Worked to cure Lyme in my dog

I have a standard poodle. I found he had a tick on him and pulled it (I I have many times before on our rabbit hounds on a farm). Tick located just behind shoulder and it wasn't like others I've pulled--the area was extremely inflamed. A week or so later, dog began displaying severe symptoms. Of course this is very difficult for dog and owner. In our case, the dog that rarely ever yelped would to so without reason... perhaps a sudden movement or other set it off. Dog can't speak English so don't know for sure. From my research, paired with tick bite and symptoms, seemed likely the cause. From rsearch, i found Ledum 1m is homeopathic medicine to treat my dog. I live in large city--couldn't find it local. Couldn't find it here. Paid some extra to "next day air" it. All I can say is once consumed by dog (don't recall dose, and am afraid to mislead anyone--this detail is easily found online though), his symptoms were greatly reduced. And the reduction happened withint 24h. In my experience, I'm confident it worked. I have taken this ledum 1m myself... I have given it to my dog--no sideeffects experienced. In hindsight, I'm quite confident that my dog had lyme. After this episode, I had my dog at vet for yearly checkup and vet asked about health.... I told him about this and all he said was "without a test, you don't know your dog had lyme." Ok... Found tick, dog reacted massively(relative to other ticks I've removed) to tick bite, 'lyme-like' symptoms (look them up) began within a month, he consumed ledum 1m... All negative gone. Totally worth trying--he's part of the family. I'd guess (shouldn't be allowed to guess, but yearly shots are $100) our vet would have charged $500! My dog was going through hell... yelping... he never did this before or after giving him ledum. I'm very convinced it worked. I hope it works for you too. I endorse this stuff... and I get nothing for it. Good luck!

Byron Clifton
Limping diminished

Suspected Lyme disease.

For dog with high Lyme titer

My dog had a high titer result for Lyme about six months after a tick bite. I dissolve a 1m pellet of Ledum in distilled water in a 1 mL syringe and give to my 20 lb dog whenever he appears a little stiff or has a slight caugh. Symptoms usually subside within 2-3 hours. If they persist, I repeat same within 10 hours of first dose. Rarely has it been necessary to give more than 2 days at a time. My dog is 15. He was about 10 when he got the Lyme tick. He needs the Ledum about 4 times a year. It does seem to make him slightly drowsy for a couple hours. I now keep Ledum handy for any tick encounters.