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Celtic Sea Salt Flower of Ocean Celtic Sea Salt

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Celtic Sea Salt® Brand Flower of the Ocean® is a natural phenomenon of the salt flats of pristine coastal regions. Only when the weather conditions are just right do these small, delicate crystals form naturally on the surface of the salt brine. Look closely at this naturally white salt and you will notice a pink tint that bespeaks its precious character.

Flower of the Ocean has an elegant, complex, delicate flavor balanced with a hint of sweetness. Most people choose to save Flower of the Ocean as a "finishing" salt (sprinkled over foods just before serving), but it can be used in cooking, or ground and used in baking. Flower of the Ocean also makes an excellent margarita salt. This fleur de sel is a certified gourmet kosher sea salt.

Ingredients: Minerals from the ocean. Summer harvest, Sun dried, Moist, Medium crystals. Hand-Harvested, Unprocessed, Containing more than 80 natural balanced minerals. PARTIAL ANALYSIS: Chloride 54%, Sodium 31%, Magnesium .25%, Sulfur .40%, Potassium .15%, Calcium .11%, Silicon .037%, Iron .01%
  • Kosher
Should not boil at a very high temperature. Heating, Baking, simmering is O.K.

Customer Reviews

Based on 99 reviews
Salt is wet inside & didn't shake from container

I tried to dry this out leaving it open, it won't dry out. Kind of afraid to find out why

Celtic Sea Salt

Mine arrived damp and clumped up, I was not able to use it. Very dissatisfied. I threw it away


The salt is amazing. It does come wet so dont be scared. Love everything about this salt!

Betty spivey
You can't return

It was open and wet could not return

V. Stevenson
Its sea salt

It is as described, better than table salt but it wont turn a C- dinner into an A+ dinner