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Bio-Nutritional Formulas Latero Flora powder 100 gms

UGC BN-0132
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Dietary supplement of Bacillus Laterosporus (BOD Strain).

Supports the flora in the human digestive tract, aiding in digestion, toxin elimination, and discourages the growth of less desireable microorganisms.*

Latero Flora is a new organic food substance containing Bacillus Laterosporus, a viable non-lactic producing microorganism combined with trace amounts of protein, minerals, and amino acids derived from the culturing medium (tryptic soy broth). Bacillus Laterosporus is a microorganism that is an aerobic, spore forming bacteria common to soil and plant life; generally found in the human intestinal tract in small numbers; a transient bacteria which lives in the human body as long as it has an ample supply of nutrients and oxygen or until it is passed thru the rectum; resistant to stomach acids.

This product may help maintain a healthy colon thus supporting the immune system.*

Serving Size:1 Scoop
Servings Per Container:33

Amount Per Serving
Bacillus Laterosporus (BOD) strainAmount Per Serving:70 mcg
Other Ingredients:


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Usage Adults: Each morning mix one teaspoon of latero flora powder with 4 oz of water (bottled or distilled preferred). Stir briskly, take at least 15 minutes before eating. Continue this program for one to two months, thereafter reducing the latero flora to one half tsp of powder and 2 oz of water. For severe problems, repeat the first program one hour after evening meal. Continue both applications until morning program is sufficent.
Usage Children: For children 1 to 6 years of age, begin with 1/2 of adult recommendation. Reduce again by 1/2 after one or two months.
FOR USE AS A DOUCHE OR COLONIC: Mix 1 teaspoon in 6 oz. water, stir briskly, when dissolved it is ready for use.
LATERO FLORA FOR DIAPER RASH: Mix 1 teaspoon of powder with 4 oz of water, spray on skin 3-4 times per day.
Store in a dry place, replace cap immediately after removing product for mixing. Keep product dry and away from moisture.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
very helpful

very good formula!!!

I am sleeping!!

I have only been taking this for a week, but was able not to take any prescription sleep meds, and if I take 2 of these... I am OUT, sleep is getting better each night. I'd like to thank the other reviewer who said take one around 8pm, and the second about 30 min before you go to bed. I will say, I'm a little groggy in the morning, but I know I'm dreaming, and sleeping well!! Ordering the big bottle shortly!

maria winchester
Best bang for your buck - LOOK AT PIC

This is the best value for a quality PS supplement I have ever come across. This version is the softgel form, the most bioavailable way to take the supplement with the best absorption. This supplement is fat soluble, so I recommend taking it with fish oil. This is a lifesaver for me, helps me with chronic high cortisol levels and frequent insomnia. Im simply not the same or my best self without it. As illustrated by the picture, you cannot tell a difference between jarrow PS and another highly priced PS softgel which I used to previously buy until trying this. Needless to say, ill be sticking with jarrow. I dont like being ripped off and imagine neither do you. Good luck and best wishes to good health! UPDATE: My body is very reactive to certain things, I know I previously recommended taking it with fish oil, however if insomnia is your issue, try just taking the PS in the morning and no fish oil. I experimented a bit more and found that the fish oil causes some insomnia for me. You can find that insomnia is a common side effect of fish oil online. Best of luck!

and they are also good. But I like drinking it

I started using this to treat candida. First thing in the morning I take 1 Candex and 1 Serrapeptase (enzymes). Then 20" before breakfast I take 1/2 scoop of this in water (I followed directions, starting with a full scoop and decreasing after a month). I can really tell a difference with this regimen. With the latero-flora powder in particular, I notice an improvement in movements. I have used the capsules too, and they are also good. But I like drinking it.

Mary Beth Wiley
Five Stars