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Guna, Inc. GUNA - Reflux 1 fl oz

UGC 40618
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Homeopathic Medicine
TEMPORARY relief of GERD symptoms such as: occasional heartburn; acid taste in the mouth; occasional cough at night

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Not quite effective

Too weak of a remedy.

Wouldnt recommend for sensitive skin

I wanted to love this product as I was looking for a retinal serum that was safe for my sensitive skin. Im sure this works well for people with less sensitive skin, but I used as directed and placed moisturizer on before application to serve as a buffer...and still ended up with something that looked like a chemical burn (bright red and incredibly hot) that took a couple days for my face to cool off and clear up. I didnt bother trying again. Be careful if you have sensitive skin!

Five Stars

Amazing product. Highly recommend.

Naira Nazaryan
Five Stars

it was very good

Oliver DeMille, TJEd
Works for sensitive skin and nose.

Reviewed by my wife: It will be several weeks before I can witness the skin renewal properties of this product, but one thing I can say: I rarely put ANYTHING on my face because my ultra-sensitive skin doesn't tolerate it - but this product does not irritate, and that's huge. It has a smooth, non-greasy feel that leaves my skin feeling slightly tighter as it soaks in/dries. The fragrance is not my favorite, but it's okay. I also happen to have a very sensitive olfactory and tend to get headaches from certain scents, so the fact that I tolerate this one well (although I don't find it, you know, delightful) is another plus. The packaging was smashed a little on one end in freight, but the product itself was not damaged. The instructions advise that it can augment sensitivity to UV radiation, so attention to sun protection is recommended when using this product. The pump wouldn't work at first, and I discovered that it had to be removed and replaced so that grooves on the inside of the top line up with a plastic ring on the interior of the pump on the bottle side. Once this was done, I had no problem expressing the product right away. Two squirts (the recommended amount) were perfect for coverage on my face and neck without any waste.