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Jarrow Formulas Lyco-Sorb 10 mg 60 softgels

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Clinically documented Lyc-O-Mato® lycopene is extracted from non-GMO tomatoes. Each Lyco-Sorb® softgel contains the equivalent amount of lycopene as found in two tomatoes.

Lyco-Sorb® is a natural, lipid-soluble delivery system, formulated to enhance absorption. Lycopene is a highly-potent antioxidant carotenoid. Only natural lycopene, as found in clinically documented Lyc-O-Mato®, has shown significant results supporting prostate, skin and cholesterol health.* Lyc-O-Mato® is a product of Israel.

Serving Size:1 SoftGel
Servings Per Container:60

Amount Per Serving
Lycopene (from Lyc-O-Mato® tomato extract)Amount Per Serving:10 mg
Other Ingredients:
Soy lecithin, medium chain triglycerides(MCTs), soybean oil, beeswax, gamma tocopherol, Softgel consists of gelatin, glycerin, and water, Caramel and carob extract are used as a light barrier


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  • Wheat Free
  • Dairy/ Milk Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Egg Free
  • Shellfish Free
USAGE: Take 1 softgel 1 to 2 times per day or as directed by your qualified healthcare consultant.
No wheat, no gluten, no dairy, no egg, no fish/shellfish, no peanuts/tree nuts.
Keep out of the reach of children.

Customer Reviews

Based on 89 reviews
Inconsistent quality

We LOVE this brand's "Mango Cheeks" but were disappointed with most of the bags of "Mango Strips" we purchased. The texture was very inconsistent from one package to the next.

Good Cook
Great product

I have been using Livaplex for several years. I like it. Seems to be an important supplement for me in my regimen.

Tasty but seedy and bulky.

I think this would be better with the raspberries but in half. Either way, freeze dried strawberries reign supreme.

John G.
Not For People Who Move While Sleeping; Brought New Pain.

Have you ever wanted to ask yourself "Am I lying down correctly on my 100$ pillow?" Have you wanted to wake up in more pain because you rolled off the pencil thin back support that you must remain perfectly balanced on at all times? If so, this is the perfect pillow for you! This pillow feels, at best, perfectly neutral in terms of comfort when you lie down on it correctly. It's not uncomfortable or comfy, simply letting you lie down as though you weren't using a pillow at all. The issues begin when you aren't perfectly situated on their strange contraption of a head rest, and either too much or too little of your neck is touching the neck brace. After a few minutes, you'll finally begin to realize you are off by a centimeter and will start to ache. When you finally manage to hone in on where you should be and fall asleep, the real trouble begins. I got this pillow to help me stay asleep and stay comfortable in said sleep, because I frequently roll around when sleeping poorly. This pillow decides to make that even more so an issue, because if you roll off in the night, your shoulders are in trouble. I woke up with a horrible pain in my left shoulder, the kind that I've not had with any other pillow, and it's pretty clear why. Half of my body was supported by the pencil thin back support and the other half wasn't. This pillow might work if it had been designed with any thought in mind for people who don't sleep like the dead, but it wasn't. This pillow is also severely overpriced for the quality of the memory foam used. It feels EXACTLY the same as some of the 40$ pillows I've tried, and if you can't feel the 60$ difference, that's an issue. I believe the reviews mentioning that the foam gave in after a couple of months, because it feels cheap. Just not worth it. Pretends to be a smart design simply because it's unique, but unique doesn't mean it's great. Considering the lack of clones of this design, probably says a lot about its 'effectiveness'.


I really like this. I have oily and sensitive skin & its works great for me. I use it like I would witch hazel. It leaves my face feeling refreshed and dry.