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Nature's Way Barley Grass Powder 9 oz

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Barley Grass is a nutrient-rich super food with a variety of nutritional benefits.

Amount Per Serving
Vitamin AAmount Per Serving:3000 IU
PotassiumAmount Per Serving:192 mg
ManganeseAmount Per Serving:60 mg
CalciumAmount Per Serving:31 mg
PhosphorusAmount Per Serving:31 mg
Vitamin CAmount Per Serving:19 mg
IronAmount Per Serving:3 mg
Vitamin EAmount Per Serving:1.9 mg
Vitamin KAmount Per Serving:480 mcg
RiboflavinAmount Per Serving:121 mcg
PyridoxineAmount Per Serving:77 mcg
Folic acidAmount Per Serving:65 mcg
IodineAmount Per Serving:12 mcg
SeleniumAmount Per Serving:6 mcg
Vitamin B12Amount Per Serving:1.7 mcg
  • Gluten Free
  • Free of Artificial Colors/Flavors
Suggested Use:
1-2 heaping tsp into cold water. Each tsp = 6 gm of Barley grass.
Excellent source of chlorophyll...contains nutrients and enzymes found in dark green lactose
Not organically grown Barley grass. Does not contain malto-dextrin.