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Kan Herbs - Essentials Sublime Joint

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Kan Essentials

Chinese Herbals for Animals

Classical formulas for animals created by Steve Marsden

Xian Fang Huo Ming Yin

Supporting the health of your animal
Zhejiang fritillary bulb, Dong quai root tail, Fragrant angelica root, Chinese red peony root, Myrrh resin, Frankincense resin, Trichosanthes root, Gleditsia spine, Tangerine dried rind of mature fruit, Siler root, Chinese licorice root, Honeysuckle flower.
Zhe bei mu, Dang gui wei, Bai zhi, Chi shao, Mo yao, Ru xiang, Tian hua fen, Zao jiao ci, Chen pi, Fang feng, Gan cao, Jin yin hua.
50 mg excipients & binders: silicon dioxide, stearic acid, microcellulose coating.
Recommended Dosage:
2-3 times daily
1-10 lbs ¼ tablet
11-20 lbs ½ tablet
21-35 lbs 1 tablet
36-75 lbs 2 tablets
76-100 lbs 3 tablets
Keep out of reach of children.
Keep tightly capped, and out of direct sunlight.
Store at room temperature.
Only the finest hand-selected Chinese herbs are used, with attention to the highest quality at each stage of production.

Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
Kevin Oliveros
You have to be careul when purchasing supplements and do not trust reviews on Amazon i

You have to be careul when purchasing supplements and do not trust reviews on Amazon i

Best prenatal!

The pill is on the larger side, even though I have to cut them in half - its worth it! Quality prenatal.

Wasted money, went bad and crispy far before expiration date in a sealed bottle.

they're hard and crispy, the bottle was sealed well (i checked) the expiration date is 2024. i waited until i ran out of my last bottle to open this one so unfortunately i cannot return them but just wasted my money entirely. they look like supplements 4 years past their expiration date.. shriveled up and hard.. wtf..

What did I injest?

I've been buying this product from various health food stores and Amazon since 2005. This is the first time this has ever happened. I swallowed 2 yesterday morning without looking and without turning on my light so it was semi-dark. I was sick yesterday and up all night in the bathroom thinking I caught a 24 hour bug. So this morning I went to take two more fully awake with the lights on the what I found was this disgusting mess. The capsules are supposed to contain white powder that stinks. Real mastic gum pill always stink. There is no odor and there is this nasty looking stuff that fills some capsules and half fills others. I am pissed.

If you have H-pylori (aka, hunger-nausea) except when you are eating, this is the cure!

This Jarrow product has saved my life twice now. First time I did a distilled water cleanse and drank too much water for two days and washed my bacteria colony out of my gut. The result was hunger-nausea. Someone on the internet came up with that description and I think it's perfect. I think I washed the main bacteria out because h-p is shaped like a coil and may be able to dig into the the linings of the intestine and hold on (imho). That might be the case, since I think they cause ulcers also. This time, I must have had a build up of toxins, since I got the flu for 2 days (only 2 days thanks to taking 20,000 mg ascorbic acid each day) . I drink distilled water, so the toxins are not from there, maybe from food, I don't know, but anyway, I read that h-p can take over if you have a temp above 98.6 for a few days (don't know is that is true or not, but it's what happened in my case). I patiently waited for my shipment, which came 2 days early and two days after I got on the gum, and a probiotic with the correct types, things got better. I took 2 morn and 2 late eve. 2nd wk, 2,2,2. You can't stop taking it, if it's not completely corrected, so you can't just stop when you are feeling good again. I don't know what the correct period is, but I will sure take it for a month at minimum. Also If you need to make things feel better, while you are correcting h-p takeover, us DGL (liq root.). I will never again be without some gum in my cabinet again, since I read that once you have h-p, you are more prone to have it again. I worry that children who complain of stomach problems might have h-p and it goes uncorrected, since they can't describe what's going on. Just be aware. Blessings.