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Advanced Orthomolecular Research Inc Ortho Minerals 210 vegcaps

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Premium essential minerals + D3.

AOR's Ortho Minerals fills dietary gaps by providing important nutrients in balanced doses and absorbable forms in order to deliver multiple benefits. The vitamin D3 included in this formula helps your body absorb some of the minerals found in Ortho Minerals.

Minerals in the human body contribute to thousands of vital cellular processes every day. Several minerals are important for bone health, including calcium, magnesium, and manganese.* Potassium and calcium are required for proper nerve transmission; copper is necessary for the proper growth, development, and maintenance of bone, connective tissue, the brain, the heart, and many other body organs, just to name a few.*

Some of the minerals can be found in a wide variety of foods, but others are less common in our diet. Many Americans face borderline mineral deficiency due to poor food choices, food processing, soil depletion from modern farming practices, and mineral antagonists such as phytic acid, oxalates, caffeine, alcohol, and refined sugars. Mineral depletion may cause of poor health and premature aging facing a substantial percentage of the population. Thus supplementation is often necessary in order to support overall health.*

AOR Advantage:

AOR's Ortho Minerals offers an orthomolecular mineral formula to help you get the most out of your mineral supplementation. Ortho Minerals contains most effective, and most easily absorbed forms of minerals in research backed doses, along with vegan vitamin D3 to help with mineral metabolism.*

• Contains research backed doses
• Provides the most effective forms of minerals
• Helps reduce mineral deficiencies
Serving Size:7 Vegetable Capsule
Servings Per Container:30

Amount Per Serving
Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)Amount Per Serving:25 mcg
Calcium (citrate-malate)Amount Per Serving:1000 mg
Chloride (Potassium Chloride)Amount Per Serving:90 mg
Copper (citrate)Amount Per Serving:1 mg
Iodine (Potassium Iodide)Amount Per Serving:150 mcg
Magnesium (aspartate, oxide)Amount Per Serving:420 mg
Manganese (bisglycinate)Amount Per Serving:2.3 mg
Molybdenum (Na Molybdate)Amount Per Serving:45 mcg
Potassium (chloride)Amount Per Serving:99 mg
Selenium (Selenomethionine)Amount Per Serving:55 mcg
Zinc (citrate)Amount Per Serving:11 mg
Boron (citrate)Amount Per Serving:700 mcg
Chromium (picolinate)Amount Per Serving:100 mcg
Silicon (HVP chelate from soy)Amount Per Serving:50 mg
Vanadium (citrate)Amount Per Serving:18 mcg
Other Ingredients:
microcrystalline cellulose, tocopherols, ascorbyl palmitate, starch, sucrose, coconut oil, maltodextrin, dicalcium phosphate, silicon dioxide, sodium stearyl fumarate, Capsule: hypromellose


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  • Wheat Free
  • Dairy/ Milk Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Egg Free
Dosage: Take up to 7 capsules daily with food, or as directed by a qualified health practitioner. Take a few hours before or after taking other medication. 
Contains no wheat, gluten, peanuts, dairy, eggs.
Cautions: Some people may experience diarrhea. Consult a health care practitioner for use beyond 6 months. Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Contains soy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Huge Energy Boosters

These vitamins are very healthy. Ive noticed huge differences in my energy and also during testing at the doctor.

William R. Clark
Great product

I was delightfully pleased. It certainly restored my system !!!!!

Bill C
Good quality vitamins.

Seems to work well and the spouse and son have good bloodwork.

Five Stars

Seem to be a good product and avoids synthetic vitamins

DJ Slorda
The best men's daily Multivitamin Supplement by far.

Men's One A Day - Tried it, not for me. "Centrum" - Tried it, not for me. "NatureMade" - Tried it, not for me. "MegaFood" - Tried it, been using it daily since 2012. I always buy it at Wholefoods Market and now it's good to know this is also available on -Thank You