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Banyan Botanicals Neem Aloe Soap 4 oz

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Cooling & Soothing Blend That Gently Exfoliates the Skin

Neem & Aloe soap combines one of Ayurveda’s most cooling herbs with the soothing qualities of aloe vera to create a cleansing soap for everyday use. This soap is most suited for those with pitta-type skin, but it is gentle enough to be used by just about anyone.

The grounding scent of vetiver essential oil helps to calm the mind, while fine organic herbal powders provide a gentle exfoliation, making this soap a perfectly luxurious treat for your daily skincare routine. For the base of Banya Botanicals soap, they use a well-balanced blend of all-natural, organic saponified oils that are GMO-free, so you can rest assured you’re using only the highest quality ingredients on your skin.

Ingredients: Saponified oils of Sunflower*, Coconut*, Palm*, Neem oil*, green clay, Neem powder*, Vetiver oil, Aloe Vera concentrate, Vitamin E (GMO free) *Organic

Customer Reviews

Based on 151 reviews
Absolutely Amazing

I bought this soap because of the great reviews, turns out that it was exactly what I needed! It doesnt dry my skin out and I have very sensitive and eczema prone skin. The soap also helped to clear up a rash on my elbow after only a week, plus I noticed results after 1 use -it actually made the rash tingle. Also I was bitten by a ton of mosquitoes today at a party, I immediately came home showered used this soap, plus peroxide and alcohol and I can barely see the bite marks and the bites were hugeee at first. Peroxide and alcohol normally dont have same results by themselves, when Ive used them in the past. This soap is impressive.

Helps tremendously with adrenaline dumps/ anxiety like symptoms

I love this product! It helps me with my adrenaline dumps due to long haul covid and my hormonal issues during my cycle. I take one in the morning when I am symptomatic or 2 on tough days. It works!

J. Barnes
From my research, the citrate type is the best absorbed

I used to use a different pill type of this (different brand) and it was very difficult to swallow. I take two (600mg total) a day, one in the morning and one at night. From my research you are not supposed to take this much all at once. These common capsule sizes are very easy to take. I also take Vitamin D3 to get the most benefit from the calcium.

Take One Miracle Daily

This product has changed my life. Just two weeks ago I was experiencing uncontrollable anxiety that was causing panic flairs, shaking, and confusion. My productivity was diminishing daily. I was trying to hide it but was afraid that I'd end up in an urgent care for treatment. My sleep was interrupted twice a night and it took about an hour to get back to sleep. I was a wreck. After two days of taking this product I was normalized and was sleeping peacefully and waking up in a good mood. I'm so grateful because I didn't want to take "antidepressants" and it's difficult to get benzos anymore. But this is better than xannies to me anyway. It's not a drugged feeling at all. It's just a balanced, centered, healthy state of being. Gratitude Gratitude Gratitude


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