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Results RNA Total Body Detox - 4 oz Kit (ACZ & ACS)

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Total Body Detox Extra Strength is highly recommended for those looking for a simple to take system that supports the natural detoxification process.* The body’s ability to detoxify is fundamental to maintaining optimal health given the constant exposure to environmental toxins.

Take the Total Body Detox System Extra Strength twice daily for optimal natural detoxification.*

Kit containes 1 4 oz bottle each of the following:

ACS 200 Silver Extra Strength 4 fl oz

• Extra Strength
• A unique dietary supplement for immune system health*

ACZ Nano Zeolite Extra Strength 4 fl oz

• Extra Strength
• A unique dietary supplement for immune system health*

Directions for Use: Take 12 sprays of each formula twice daily for heightened support, or 6 sprays twice daily for

Take each formula individually by mouth, swish and then swallow. The formulas can be taken in any combination without
waiting in between dosing and can be taken with food or without, at any time of the day. Always remain well hydrated when
taking the sprays.

There are rarely any side effects experienced when taking the Results RNA formulas at the lower or higher dose. There are
no contraindications when taking with antibiotics. Regarding patients who are in a very weak state of health, it is
sometimes best to begin with a smaller dose and increase the dose over time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 87 reviews
$30 bucks higher, Im not sure I trust this company now

Price gouging for sure!!! Tastes clear BUT a makes you tired which is really odd

Tammy Howe

My daughter as done much research to find what can she do to help her autistic daughter who is 12. Within a few days of using she started talking our ears off & after being on it for a few months now shes started learning her abc & sounds. Also during research it also said it could help people with dementia or alhzemers. I talked a friend into trying it for his mom. It didn't bring her back but her memory has deffently improved. This stuff is amazing!!!

Peyton woolweaver
Gmo is great

Gmo brand is great

Corina J Lin
Doesnt really do anything

I had really high hopes for this product I really wish it did something but nothing.. so disappointed

C. Burns
Best Multivitamin I have Found

I have been using Garden Of Life for several years now. I constantly check ingredients and so far, no one matches the quality of GOL. I know my health has improved thanks to these vitamins.