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Proper Nutrition SeaVive 90 caps

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SeaVive® is uniquely formulated to address total immune health by combining 40% Seacure®, 40% Colostrum 80/40®, 10% Beta glucan, and 10% vitamin C. SeaVive’s natural contents provide essential immunoglobulin and other powerful immune support.*

SeaVive is also an ideal supplement for the elderly. It provides a source of protein and stimulates healthy immune response. Most people loose their appetite for meat as they age and will benefit from using this supplement.*

SeaVive ingredients: Seacure supports healthy immune function at the gut level by providing bioactive peptides and biogenic amines from hydrolyzed white fish that promote structural integrity and function of the intestinal mucosa. Colostrum 80/40 supplies immune factors to the intestinal lining and support normal immune function at the gut level. The Beta glucan supports the immune system. Vitamin C is recognized by its immune support.*

Amount Per Serving
Seacure WhitefishAmount Per Serving:200 mg
Colostrum (casein & lactose free, bovine)Amount Per Serving:200 mg
B-1, 3-D GlucanAmount Per Serving:50 mg
Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid)Amount Per Serving:50 mg
Protein:Amount Per Serving:303 mg
Sodium:Amount Per Serving:2 mg
Calories:Amount Per Serving:2
Suggested Use:
Before meals, one to three capsules per day, or as otherwise directed by a health care professional.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Corum Josephson

Received an expired bottle. Disappointed.

Jeanette Y.
Great for the digestive sustem

My husband has acid reflex. This product helps with it. He does not want to change his diet or habits and this has helped.

One Star

The bottle came with the expiration date covered with a new date. This seems concerning.

Heals Leaky Gut!

Great product.

Amazon Customer
This is a great product for building up the immune system

This is a great product for building up the immune system. Used it after a bout with pneumonia and antibiotics.