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Ecological Formulas Calcium Magnesium 12 fl oz

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Calcium Magnesium by Ecological Formulas is a dietary supplement designed to promote strong bone density and healthy bone formation in addition to supporting proper pH levels in the blood.* Calcium Magnesium by Ecological Formulas supplies the body with the calcium, magnesium and vitamin D3 it requires for maintaining the overall health of the skeletal system.* Magnesium is important for ensuring healthy muscle function, and vitamin D3 ensures that both calcium and magnesium can be easily absorbed.* Having an adequate supply of usable calcium and magnesium is especially important during the senior years to maintain healthy bones.*

Men and women who incorporate Calcium Magnesium by Ecological Formulas into their daily dietary regimen may realize a number of health support benefits:

• Supports the overall health of the skeletal system, promoting bones that are strong and dense.*
• Helps to support the proper pH level in the blood.*
Serving Size:1 Tablespoon
Servings Per Container:23

Amount Per Serving% Daily Value
CaloriesAmount Per Serving:10
Calcium (as Calcium Carbonate)Amount Per Serving:240 mgDaily Value:20%
Vitamin D-3 (as Cholecaliciferol) (100 IU)Amount Per Serving:2.5 mcgDaily Value:15%
Magnesium (as Magnesium Hydroxide)Amount Per Serving:180 mgDaily Value:45%
Other Ingredients:
Water, Glycerin, Xanthan Gum, Spearmint Oil, Peppermint Oil


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  • Gluten Free
Directions: Take one tablespoon daily, or as directed by a physician. Shake well before use. Refrigerate after opening.
Gluten Free, Casein Free.
Contains Calcium-Magnesium Acid Neutralizing is a pleasant-tasting supplement providing nutritionally significant amounts of the essential macrominerals calcium and magnesium.
Keep out of reach of children.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
sergio e oropesa
Amazing protein!

Blends easy! Easy to drink! Love it! Best protein I ever had!

Acne within 2 hours

I drink about 2-3 quarts of milk products a day, between various cheese (deli sliced/cracker barrel, etc...) and 1% milk, never had this issue. I used one scoop of this and noticed acne on my body within 2 hours. I thought maybe it's the laundry detergent or something else. Next time I use it, bam, acne again within 2 hours. It's taste like it should (I actually like it, like an aged cheese) but doing some research on Whey Protein and IGF, some people are more sensitive to Whey / what else is in the Whey (from the cow's diet, rBST and rBGH) that develop this reaction. I know they mention no rBST, but they don't mention no rBGH. Oh well, back to 1% milk and cheese....

holly dankers
Excellent Product!

Im allergic to all forms of artificial sweeteners, including Stevia! This has none of these things in this product, which is hard to find in other Whew products. I mix it in milk. Yes, you have to stir for a bit to get it to dissolve completely, but the ingredients are so wholesome and pure, that I dont mind that at all! The taste is pleasant...a very very slight taste of vanilla is the best way that I can describe the flavor. I feel full and Im not getting any sugars like I would if I had an Ensure for lunch. I drink this instead. I usually dont eat lunch and this is the perfect drink to have to hold me over until supper. I love this product and will always buy it when I start running low on it! Way cheaper than buying Ensure drink products!

Blends into nearly anything - unless it's hot!

I've used this for years, after deciding there had to be something better than the artificially flavored protein powders found at the big box stores. Best tip -- don't add this to anything hot, or you'll get tiny, unpleasant, cheesy lumps. I love it in my morning coffee but blend it into an inch of coffee in my mug plus a splash of cold milk. A battery powered frother works fine for that, and yes it will make great froth!. Alternatively, I'll mix it up in a big batch using my NutraBullet (3 scoops in 16 oz milk gives me about 1 serving of protein per oz). Mixing it the night before helps it dissolve completely and also gives time for the foam to settle. My dad is recovering from a hospital stay and having trouble eating, so we're putting this into every glass of milk. He likes the milk even better with the added whey protein, says it's creamier and goes down more easily. I've added it to instant pudding and even to jello (blend with the cold water before adding it to the hot water plus jello powder), and it's all gone over well. I haven't tried baking with it yet, but Dad's nutritionist suggested putting it into anything from cookies to muffins. I think as long as I dissolve it into a liquid ingredient before mixing & baking, that should work fine. Needless to say, it's great in smoothies. A scoop of the powder, 6 oz yogurt, 1/4 to 1/2 cup frozen fruit, and a spash of milk... even if he doesn't finish it, Dad gets enough protein to have it count as a decent meal. My seldom-hungry daughter will have a smoothie when nothing else appeals, also. One final note -- I appreciate the single source protein, since I've been told to avoid soy (breast cancer survivor), so most protein bars are "out" for me. As other reviewers have said, I'd give this six stars if I could!

Amazon Customer

Carlson makes great products